“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

Collagen is responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin and is produced by our body itself. However, after 25 years, it tells us, “I am tired” and sends the first wrinkles. Since then, the body needs help, including diet foods and dishes that stimulate collagen production.

No. 1 – Bone broth

“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

Not from time to time, the bone broth we should drink daily. Portions of 170-340 g. Because it is not food but a real miracle for skin health, judge yourself; the broth contains a bioactive form of protein that the body can start to use immediately.

Beef broth is rich in collagen type I, which has a positive impact on the skin’s health; broth from the Turkey and chicken contains collagen type II, which supports the normal functioning of the joints.

No. 2 – Salmon

“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

Salmon — this fish contains zinc and trace minerals, which promote the synthesis of collagen. Also, the fat content of omega-3 helps moisturize skin from the inside out to maintain its youth. Salmon is recommended to have 2 servings (115-140 g) per week.

It can be cooked in the oven or a slow cooker like a salmon steak, and you can bake a snack cake with salmon and spinach or delicious pancakes.

No. 3. Green vegetables, greens

“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

All green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which increases the amount of collagen. This substance also is rich in antioxidants and counteracts premature aging.

The dietitians suggest calculating the daily norm of vegetables: if your physical activity is more than 30 minutes a day, then go ahead and eat 3 cups of vegetables, if it is less – 2,5.

No. 4. Citrus

“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

Vitamin C contained in citrus fruits acts as a component for amino acids, which are necessary for Proline formation. This substance is necessary for the formation of collagen. And vitamin C protects against toxins. The optimal level of vitamin C in a day would satisfy 2 fruits.

No. 5. Eggs

“Antimarino” menu: what foods contain collagen

As well as bone broth, eggs already contain collagen. Our body can get it from the yolk. Eggs also have sulfur, necessary for collagen production and liver detoxification, whereby toxins are released that destroy collagen in the body—the norm – 2 eggs a day.

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