Healthy Relationships: Decisions to Make

Our thoughts affect our emotions, the latter have a direct effect on the health of the whole organism. If everything inside is interconnected and interdependent on thoughts and feelings, why is it difficult for us to accept that the surrounding world, consisting of the same atoms, reacts to the inner world?

It’s not even about the sensational idea of ​​the movie “The Secret” and attracting what you want. It is about awareness and acceptance of choice according to free will and reason.

In order for relationships with a loved one to be harmonious and healthy, it is important to be aware of several things:

Like attracts like. As humans, we are here to learn. We attract people with a level of awareness close to ours at a given point in time. And most importantly, those people who will teach us a significant lesson. As a rule, both need to learn the same thing, perhaps in different ways. In plain language, the more you work on raising your level of awareness, developing yourself, the more likely you are to meet a person who is healthier and more mature for you. Living someone else’s role, being not yourself, you attract a person who reflects this mask. Understanding this concept and its implementation in everyday life really helps to understand relationships and, if necessary, to “get off a dead horse” consciously. Understand who you are. When we realize what we really are, discarding our fears, addictions and ego, we begin to understand what we want in our life. Having “revealed” our “I”, we are faced with situations and people that are closely related to our real interests. Having stopped wasting time and energy on addictions and addictions, replacing them with healthy and creative ones, we notice how some people move away from us and new, more conscious people come. Decide what you really want. When an adult and independent person does not know what he wants, how can he achieve what he wants? Perhaps each of us noticed that no matter how hard you try to achieve something, if there is uncertainty about the need, the results are likely to disappoint. It’s important to have an intent of what you want (). blogger Jeremy Scott Lambert writes. Realize that you are worthy and love yourself. Do everything you can to release the negative energy, emotions, and thoughts that are holding you back from moving forward and loving yourself unconditionally. Before we can have a healthy relationship, we must learn to let go of situations that have treated us unfairly, even hurting us, and made us doubt our worthiness of happiness and respect. There are a number of ways to deal with this: meditation, energy clearing, therapy, and more. Search, try, choose what suits you. Sometimes even a simple daily affirmation “I am worthy of love, I am worthy of a healthy relationship” is enough to light the path of inner healing. We have all heard this phrase and we are sure of its correctness:

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