Alexey Yagudin held a figure skating master class for children in Perm

The famous skater opened the WinterFest sports festival in Perm and revealed the secrets of figure skating to local children.

There were many who wanted to talk to the champion

For one day, Perm guys, keen on figure skating, were able to become students of the Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin. The famous athlete came to Perm for the WinterFest organized by SIBUR.

“The winter sports festival starts in Perm. The next cities will be Tobolsk and Tomsk, – Alexey Yagudin told the audience. – Yesterday in Perm it was -20, and today -5. It turns out that I brought warm weather from Moscow to my wife’s homeland ”(Tatyana Totmianina – a native of Perm, – ed.).

Children skated under the direct supervision of Alexei Yagudin

The master class in the new sports complex “Pobeda” on Obvinskaya Street began at noon. The first to go out on the ice were children from orphanages. The organizers presented them with skates, but not all of them decided to skate in a new outfit right away, many came out in their usual old skates. Someone skated well, and someone even tried to slide backwards. “So you know how to skate?” – Alexey assessed the situation. “Yes!” – the guys shouted in unison. Let’s start simple! – with these words, Alexei caught the girl rushing past and put it next to him. The skater showed simple movements, explained how to fall correctly. “And now we repeat everything!” And the guys moved in a circle. Alexey rolled up to every novice skater and explained the mistakes. More and more new guys came … The master class ended in the evening. And the Olympic champion managed to communicate with everyone.

Pair skating: master class

“In Russia, a huge number of various ice structures are being built, one way or another connected with hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating,” said Alexei Yagudin. – We open them. Children have the opportunity to become young stars, whom we may later applaud. We all rejoice in victories. Here you can remember our home winter Olympics in Sochi. It was a triumph for Russian sports, and we understand that all these victories in world arenas are the face of our country. And medals begin with the younger generation, who choose numerous paths called sports. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you start doing. We are not talking about the highest achievements and medals, but about sports in general. Children and youth need sports. First of all, it allows you to be healthy. Everyone needs sport! “

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Alexey easily answered all questions about Perm

“I pronounce the name of the city correctly. And I know that you have posikunchiki, – Alexey Yagudin listed Perm signs with a smile. – Perm has a good figure skating school. Olympic champion Tanya Totmyanina is a living example of the fact that this school existed before. It still exists, but it no longer produces such a huge number of good frames for pair skating. We all know this not very good tendency of the last decade: everything goes to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Therefore, it is great that a new ice rink has appeared in Perm today. Let there be more and more! In Perm there is a wonderful couple of pair skating coaches – the Tyukov family (they brought up Maxim Trankov, who, together with Tatyana Volosozhar, won two gold medals at the Sochi Olympics, – ed.). There are other trainers. We must return school! “

Alexey Yagudin’s recommendations to parents dreaming of a child’s sports career, on p. 2.

Alexey is grateful to his mother for her exactingness, which helped him achieve success.

Taking advantage of the situation, Woman’s Day asked Alexei Yagudin to give advice to parents who dream of a child’s sports career. How to keep your son or daughter interested in sports? How not to harm with excessive demands, but at the same time teach discipline? The renowned skater has recommended seven important rules to be followed. And he told how he applies these rules in the upbringing of the eldest daughter Lisa.

Rule # 1. Start Simple

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There is no need to immediately put the maximum program in front of the child. Start with simple exercises, with regular sit-ups. And consolidate the past.

Rule number 2. Teach you to fall correctly

It is important to teach the child to fall correctly – only forward.

Rule # 3. Motivate


Until a certain age, the child has no motivation. For me, this motivation was the wire from the TV, which my mother took away. So she showed dissatisfaction with the way I trained or studied. If there is no motivation, you can come up with one. If you give up, you need to do something: push, push and push. Like a dentist: if there is pain, then it is better to treat it right away than to postpone it for later.

Rule # 4. Form

I think I was very lucky with this in my life. Mom simultaneously pressed on me not only in figure skating, but also in education. Only thanks to her care at the first stage, the sport “went” and the successes began. Thanks to her efforts, I graduated from school with a silver medal. Out of a thousand trainees, only a few make their way to professional sports and champions. Children and parents should understand this and not forget about education. So that it is not so that a person is 15-16 years old, in sports it does not work, and not only his parents gave up, but also his own hands, because he spent a huge amount of time and effort, but there is nowhere to go.


The eldest daughter Lisa turned six the other day. She “kind of” is engaged in figure skating. But in quotes. There are skates, but there is no training, she does not go to the figure skating section. Rides when there is time and desire. There is an opportunity: thanks to Ilya Averbukh, we perform somewhere almost every second day, and Liza is with us. But if she says “I don’t want to,” then don’t. Tanya and I have a different priority – education. This is where we are adamant.

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Tatiana and Alexey load their daughter Lisa with classes

Rule No. 5. Upload

Our vision with Tanya: the child needs to be loaded as much as possible. That there was no free time for all sorts of dirty tricks. So Liza goes on the ice, goes in for ballroom dancing, goes in for the pool … She will have sports anyway. Tanya and I have no other development for the child. It just won’t reach Olympic heights. In our country, education is still in the first place, and there is an opportunity to give not only Russian, but also foreign. We spend a lot of time in Europe, two years ago we bought a house near Paris. Lisa is already writing, speaking and reading French. The second daughter was even named by the international name Michelle. Everyone says that “Michel Alekseevna” does not sound. But in other countries, they are not called by patronymic.


Rule # 6. Give an example

When I was training in St. Petersburg with Alexey Urmanov, he came to me and told me where I was making mistakes. I was very pleased, because this man was a living example of the fact that everything in this life is possible, including reaching Olympic heights. Having become a father for the second time, I began to understand that live communication is much more expensive than some material things. Children absorb some small details that may help them in the future. At the same time, communication with young skaters is also pleasant for experienced athletes: they like to share knowledge. The most important thing is to show that you can achieve success.

Rule # 7. Maintain

There are times when your team (and this, of course, first of all, the family) must do everything possible to support you. At the same time, adults should understand: not every child will be able to win medals at the Olympics or World and European Championships. But up to a certain point, you need to fight on the way to maximum victories.

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