A helping hand for baby

Pass the baton!

It is normal and even essential to ask for help if your companion cannot free himself. Between shopping, care, cleaning, cooking, phone calls … you have the impression that you are not in control.

Don’t panic, instead ask your mom, sister or a friend for a helping hand. But be careful, it is essential that this person be positive and respect your choices, especially in terms of breastfeeding.

Pick someone who knows your home well so they don’t have to tell them everything and who feels comfortable there.

Finally, avoid family members with whom there is tension to get a helping hand… this is surely not the time to settle old family quarrels.

Not too many visits!

The temptation is great to invite friends and family to lean over the cradle to see how wonderful your little angel is. But it is important, for a few weeks, to put the hola on the visits.

In effect, you are entering a period that psychologists call “nesting”. This is a very one-off withdrawal that allows you to regain your strength and build the famous trio “dad, mum, baby”. No way to cut yourself off from the outside world but just to limit the visits to one per day at the beginning.

Some precautions

do not wake up your Baby to show it to Uncle Ernest who is passing through,

do not pass it from arm to arm,

avoid making too much noise and ask that people not smoke in their presence.

Nothing prevents you from going to see friends as long as you follow these same rules. A toddler may very well come out upon returning from motherhood. It is even essential, he needs to get some fresh air unless the temperatures are extreme. On the other hand, there is no question of taking her on a trip before the age of one month.

Having a successful return home is all about realizing that you can’t do everything to the fullest. Becoming a mother requires a new perception of time: it is no longer yours alone. But also to your Baby!

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