15 wise Arabic sayings

Reading books and ancient quotes from other cultures is one of the ways to understand the life, foundations, traditions of each particular culture. Obtaining as much of this knowledge as possible, we increasingly understand the similarities and differences in the traditions of different peoples. Arab culture has a long, rich history and wisdom, which is expressed in numerous sayings. be patient “Be patient and you’ll get what you want” Actions are stronger than words “Actions speak louder than words” The least envious people are happy “An envious person is the most unhappy” Forgive what angered you when it pleased you, the wisest of people are those who forgive people “Wise is he who forgives” Haste leads to regret, debilitation leads to safety “In a hurry – regret. In patience and care – peace and security” Wealth comes like a turtle and goes like a deer “Prosperity comes like a turtle and runs away like a gazelle.” (This saying means that it may take many years to achieve prosperity, but if you treat it carelessly, it can leave you very quickly). Experiences have no end and one increases from them “A lesson can be learned from any experience” Cohabit like brothers and treat like strangers “Befriend like brothers, work like strangers” The first tree is a seed “A tree begins with a seed” The most unreasonable need “Ignorance is the worst poverty” I see every person sees the fault of others and is blind to the fault in which he is “Everyone is ready to criticize the shortcomings of others, but is blind to his own” The smarter you get the less you speak “The smarter a person is, the less he talks” Choose the lesser of two evils “Of two evils choose the less” We have relied on him in the strength of the union “Unity is strength” God destroyed their green. Give your friend your blood and money “Give a friend money and your blood, but never justify yourself. Friends don’t need it, but enemies won’t believe it”

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