6 ways to get rid of nitrates in vegetables

Fatigue from winter monotony is felt instantly when you see a fresh bunch of radishes, young zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes… The hand is stretched, and all the receptors are whispering – buy, buy, buy.

We all understand that each vegetable has its own time and season, and now it is likely to buy early vegetables that are simply stuffed with nitrates. If you do not have a portable nitrate tester and you can not check their presence, use these tips to at least a little secure your spring meals. 

1 – water

You need to wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before cooking. You can soak vegetables or fruits in cold water for 15-20 minutes, it is effective, especially for greens.


2 – knife

Especially many pesticides contain early vegetables and fruits – they should get rid of the skin, despite the loss of much of the vitamins. And in potatoes and carrots, cut off the green unripe areas. Large vegetables and fruits should be chopped.

3 – cooking, baking, frying

During heat treatment, you rid vegetables of most of the nitrates. The most effective way is to boil them. But drinking broth – especially vegetable broth – is not recommended. Other cooking methods – frying, steaming, baking – do not get rid of nitrates as effectively.

4 – vitamin C. 

Before eating a vegetable or fruit meal, eat vitamin C – it inhibits the formation of nitrosamines in the body.

5 – juice in a salad

Lemon or pomegranate juice neutralizes nitrates in salads.

6 – do not store

Eat the cooked dish immediately. With changes in temperature (from the refrigerator to a hot pan), nitrates are converted into particularly dangerous compounds – nitrites.

We will remind, earlier we told how to get rid of all microbes in greens.

Bless you!

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