6 tips to help your child become compassionate

School can teach children a lot, but how to be merciful is unlikely. This summer, parents can catch up and teach their child lessons in compassion. Below are some ways to do this.

1. Help homeless animals, you can volunteer to visit a local animal shelter with your child, help take care of a cat or dog.

2. Plan a fundraiser with your children, such as a lemonade sale or a car wash. Donate proceeds to a group that helps animals.

3. Arrange to collect blankets and towels for your local animal shelter.

4. Go on an overnight camping trip and cook amazingly delicious vegan meals together!

5. Show children how animals behave in the wild. Instead of going to the zoo, make a documentary about wildlife!

6. Share your love of reading books about animals, choose books with a compassionate theme.

What your children learn in school is important, but the lessons you teach them outside of school are just as important!  


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