5 reasons to go to Asana Yoga Fest

Reason #1. Summer, sun, sea and yoga!

Imagine the Black Sea coast without crowds of tourists. Does not work? And what about the fragrant juniper forest right off the coast, where a campground and several active areas with yoga practices for every taste are comfortably located? All this and more awaits you at Asana Yoga Fest! The organizers have tried to make the schedule as diverse as possible, so you will find something to your liking, regardless of whether you have practiced yoga before or not. And in addition to bodily practices, do not forget to visit the beach and swim in warm sea water!

Reason #2. Holidays with children

Asana Yoga Fest is a family festival, so you can come here with your children. Especially for them, a large children’s area will be organized on the site, where it will be interesting for both kids and teenagers! Children’s yoga, games, team competitions, creative workshops are just a few of what awaits the children at the festival. They will not only relax on the sea coast, forget about gadgets, but also make new friends, spend their holidays with benefit and be in a circle of like-minded people!

Reason #3. First hand knowledge

Master classes at Asana Yoga Fest are taught by eminent teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova – you will gain knowledge proven by practitioners with many years of experience. Some invited masters have been doing bodily practices for over 20-30 years! You will get acquainted not only with the classical directions of yoga – hatha, iyengar, kundalini, etc. – but also with author’s methods. So, the program includes master classes in Ishvara yoga, Yoga Flow System, yoga in hammocks, yoga therapy and much more! The program includes classes for pregnant women, women who have recently given birth, people over the age of 50.

Reason #4. No meat!

The festival offers fully vegetarian food with a full and varied menu! Here you will find a lot of familiar and new dishes that will allow you to spend your vacation with benefits for the body and soul, fill it with positive energy and strength for yoga.

Reason #5. Proximity to the source of inner strength

As you know, in nature you can not only relax deeply, but also get an incredible boost of vivacity. Life in the bosom of nature, away from the noise of civilization, gadgets and stress can work wonders. Even if you can come to Asana Yoga Fest for just a couple of days, know that you are making a big contribution to your physical and mental health! Do you feel that in the bustle of the city, the tension has reached its maximum and an urgent reboot is needed? Pack up and come to the festival!

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