‘Blood Type Diet’ Is Fake, Scientists Confirm

Researchers from the University of Toronto (Canada) have scientifically proven that the “blood type diet” is a myth, and there are no real patterns linking a person’s blood type with food that is preferable or easier for him to digest. To date, no scientific experiments have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of this diet, or to refute this speculative hypothesis.

The Blood Type Diet was born when naturopath Peter D’Adamo published the book Eat Right for Your Type.

The book voiced a theory belonging exclusively to the author himself that allegedly the ancestors of representatives of different blood groups historically ate different foods: group A (1) is called “Hunter”, group B (2) – “Farmer”, etc. At the same time, the author strongly recommends that people with the first blood group eat mainly different types of meat, arguing this with a “genetic predisposition” and the fact that meat is supposedly easily digested in their body. The author of the book boldly declares that this “diet” helps to get rid of many chronic diseases, including avoiding cardiovascular diseases, as well as to achieve a general improvement of the body.

The book sold over 7 million copies and became a bestseller, translated into 52 languages. However, the fact is that neither before nor after the publication of the book, no scientific studies confirming the “blood type diet” were carried out – neither by the author himself, nor by other specialists!

Peter D’Adamo simply voiced his unfounded hypothesis, which does not have and did not have any scientific support. And gullible readers around the world – many of whom suffer from various chronic diseases! – took this fake at face value.

It’s easy to understand why the author started all this mess, because the “Blood Type Diet” is not so much a funny speculative theory as a very specific and very profitable business, and not only for the author of the book, but also for many other healers and nutritionists, who sold and are selling this fake to their patients and clients around the world.

Dr. El Soheimy, a professor of natural genomics at the University of Toronto, said: “There was simply no evidence for or against. This was an extremely curious hypothesis, and I felt it needed to be tested. Now we can say with complete certainty: “blood type diet” is an incorrect hypothesis.

Dr. El Soheimy conducted a fairly large study of blood tests from 1455 respondents on different diets. Further, the DNA and many quantitative characteristics of the obtained blood were examined, including indicators of insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides, which are directly related to the health of the heart and the whole organism as a whole.

The analysis of blood quality characteristics of different groups was specially carried out according to the structure proposed by the author of the book “Eat right for your type.” The conformity of a person’s diet with the recommendations of the author of this bestseller, and indicators of the health of the body, were assessed. The researchers found that in reality there are no patterns at all, which are described in the book “Eat right for your type.”

“The way each person’s body reacts to the consumption of foods related to one of these diets (proposed in D’Adamo’s book – Vegetarian) has nothing to do with blood type at all, but is entirely related to whether a person is able to adhere to a reasonable a vegetarian or low-carbohydrate diet,” emphasized Dr. El Soheimy.

Thus, scientists have found out that in order to lose weight and become healthier, one should not trust charlatans, because there is a proven and scientifically proven way: vegetarianism or a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates.

I think that now many of the people with the first blood type, whom the clever businessman D’Adamo urged to eat the meat of different animals every day, can breathe freely – and with a light heart and without fear of harming their health, choose the diet that has proven to be the most useful, and also corresponds to their worldview.

Last year, the respected scientific journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition already published an article whose author drew the attention of the public and specialists to the fact that there is absolutely no scientific evidence for the existence of patterns described in Peter D’s book. Adamo, and neither the author himself nor other physicians have ever officially conducted scientific research on this matter. However, now the falsity of the hypothesis about the “diet by blood type” has been scientifically and statistically proven.

In practice, many people have noted that the “blood type diet” in some cases helps to quickly lose weight, but the result is short-term, and after a few months the normal weight returns. Most likely, this has a simple psychological explanation: at first, a person simply overate, due to unhealthy eating habits, and after sitting on a “blood type diet”, he began to pay more attention to what, how and when he eats. When the new eating habits became automatic, the person again relaxed his guard, gave free rein to his unhealthy appetite and continued to fill up at night, consume too high-calorie foods, and so on. – and here no overseas miracle diet will save you from gaining excess weight and deteriorating health.



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