5 most suitable countries for yoga retreats and meditations


During a yoga retreat, you will dedicate time to working on your body and mind through yoga and meditation. Retreats are often combined with travel to get as far away from everyday life as possible. 

5 best places for yoga retreats and meditations:

1. Kenya

Here you will see the dramatic and poetic circle of life. This is an opportunity to learn to see, observe, accept and meditate on the fierce lust for life and the resilience of all living beings: humans, animals and plants. 

2. Bali

The abundance of wildlife, life, light and natural height make this place one of the Earth’s chakras. Listen to the ocean, meet the dawn, conquer the volcano, touch the forests. 

3. Iceland

The natural geological wonder of Iceland reminds attentive travelers that we live, breathe and powerfully influence our body and the body of the planet, which deserves low bows, gratitude and respect.   

4. Morocco

Majestic scale, ancient traditions, the harmony of beliefs, nature and architecture make Morocco a place to reflect on the spatial elements that make us who we are. 

5. Holbox Island

This island in Mexico will give you time and space to take a break. Tiny, peaceful, quiet and almost perfect. Here simple pleasures are available to you and simple truths will be revealed.  

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