Simple tips to improve your mood

Throughout life, we all face “ups and downs”, mood swings for, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Hormonal fluctuations, emotional upheavals, insomnia, lack of physical activity are just a short list of provoking factors. Consider simple, at the same time relevant for all time tips.

This is one of the simplest and most important things you can do to get rid of depression. Feelings of guilt and inferiority stand in the way of liberation. Controlling the symptoms of depression requires a person to actively work on themselves.

A lot depends on how to present something, in which wrapper to wrap it! As clichéd as it sounds, pay attention to the positive aspects of the current situation instead of focusing on the bad. As a result, you will see yourself as an optimistic, enterprising person who will be able to benefit for himself from any situation.

Many neglect the relationship between bad mood and lack of sleep. Everyone has a different need for sleep. General recommendation: at least 7 hours of sleep per night with regular sleep and wake up.

Playing with your beloved pet for just 15 minutes promotes the release of serotonin, prolactin, oxytocin and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

No wonder people all over the world are in love with chocolate. The tryptophan contained in it raises the level of serotonin. Here it is worth mentioning that chocolate should not become an ambulance and the first thought with a drooping mood. Still, it is better to give preference to physical exercises or a pet (see paragraph above)!

Unleash your inner creativity, throw out emotions on the canvas. Participants in a study conducted at Boston College expressed their negative feelings through artistic creation, resulting in permanent improvements in their mood.

This may be the last thing you want to do when you’re depressed. But regular 30-minute fitness training reduces the symptoms of sadness! Numerous studies confirm the reduction of depression after exercise, both in the short term and on a regular basis.

Touch releases endorphins that lower blood pressure and heart rate, making you feel relaxed and satisfied.

St. John’s wort is one of the most studied natural remedies for depression.

Being alone makes it harder to be happy. Try to surround yourself with positive people as much as possible, this will greatly increase your chances of a good mood. Stay away from whining, constantly complaining about everything around people.

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