3 kinds of honey that are potentially dangerous to humans

Doctors have warned that beloved and well-known honey is not only useful but in some cases has properties that are hazardous to health.

Honey is almost a drug, so it is eaten as a preventive measure, as well as in the treatment of many diseases. This product has anti-bacterial properties, has antimicrobial activity, anticancer, and antioxidant.

However, doctors believe that despite the variety of useful substances in the composition of honey, not all varieties are equally useful. We are talking about white, flower, and buckwheat honey. The fact that plants from which bees collect pollen can be potentially dangerous to humans.

So, Linden honey contains cheap, which is extremely useful for the disinfection of wounds but affects the body with poor blood clotting, which can cause bleeding.

Floral honey is good, but disastrous for Allergy sufferers and people with cardiovascular diseases.

What is the danger of buckwheat honey the doctors did not report. However, this information should be taken into account not to accept honey as a medicine to people who are at “risk of honey” – with poor blood clotting, allergies, and cardiovascular diseases.

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