17 Stupid Things Vegetarians Have to Deal With

“I once tried to become a vegetarian … I didn’t succeed!” Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians don’t hang out in a field full of fruits and vegetables all day like hippies!

1. When someone is angry that you are a vegetarian  

“Wait, so you don’t eat meat? I don’t understand how this is even possible.” It is impossible to imagine how often vegetarians hear this. We’ve been vegetarians for many years and are somehow still alive, so it’s possible. Your inability to understand this does not make it untrue.

2. When people don’t understand that it’s possible to be a vegetarian for more than just “love animals”

Yes, many vegetarians love animals (who doesn’t?). But that doesn’t mean it’s the only reason to be a vegetarian. For example, it has been found that vegetarians are significantly less likely to die from heart disease and live longer than meat eaters. Sometimes it’s just a health choice. There are many reasons to become a vegetarian, although many people do not understand this.

3. When they ask you if you would eat meat for a million bucks, or would you refuse to eat meat, being on a desert island where there is nothing else to eat.

What stupid hypotheses! Carnivores love to find breakpoints and push them to prove their point. A favorite way is to find out exactly how much money it takes to “convert” a vegetarian. “Eat a cheeseburger right now for 20 bucks? And for 100? Well, what about 1000?” Unfortunately, no vegetarian has yet made a fortune playing this game. Usually the questioners do not have a million in their pocket. As for the desert island: of course, if there was no choice, we would eat meat. Perhaps even yours. Has it become easier?

4. When you have to pay for a vegetarian dish in a restaurant, like for meat.

It just doesn’t make sense that rice and beans without chicken costs the same $18. One ingredient was removed from the dish. This is absurd, restaurants shouldn’t charge an extra five bucks for anyone who doesn’t want to eat meat. The only peaceful solution is Mexican restaurants, where guacamole is added to vegetarian dishes, although this is still not enough.

5. When people think you don’t live life to the fullest and are sad that you can’t eat meat.  

Have you forgotten that this is a personal choice? If we wanted to eat meat, nothing would stop us!

6. When people make the argument “plants should be killed too.”  

Oh yes. It. We can tell you over and over again that plants don’t feel pain, that it’s like comparing an apple to a steak, but does that change anything? It’s easier to ignore.

7. When you have to find a polite way to refuse non-vegetarian food so that the cook does not hate it.  

Moms and other family members, we all understand. You’ve been plowing in the kitchen to make this wonderful meatloaf. The thing is, you know we haven’t eaten meat for five years. It won’t change. Even if you stare at us and criticize our “way of life”. I’m sorry we don’t have anything to apologize for.

8. When no one believes you’re getting enough protein, believing you’re a weak, tired zombie.

Here are a few protein sources vegans turn to every day: quinoa (8,14 grams per cup), tempeh (15 grams per serving), lentils and beans (18 grams per cup of lentils, 15 grams per cup of chickpeas), Greek yogurt (one portion – 20 g). We compete with you every day in the amount of protein consumed!

9. When people say “I once tried to become a vegetarian … I did not succeed!”  

This is infuriating because all vegetarians have heard this “joke” more than once. I think another joke can be picked up to strike up a short conversation with a vegetarian. Sometimes it’s even worse: this is followed by a story about how one morning a man decided to become a vegetarian, coped with lunch by eating a salad, and then heard that meat was for dinner, and decided to give up. This is not an attempt to become a vegetarian, this is just a salad for lunch. Give yourself a comforting pat on the back.

10. Artificial meat.  

No. Meat substitutes almost always taste disgusting, but people still don’t understand why vegetarians refuse them at barbecues. Hardly a meal, vegetarians all over the world are eagerly waiting for Ronald McDonald of artificial meat to come and save us.  

11. When people don’t believe they can live without bacon.  

In fact, it shouldn’t be very hard to understand that we don’t want to eat pork fat. It may smell delicious, but vegetarians usually don’t go for meat because of the taste. We know that meat is delicious, but that’s just not the point.

12. When restaurants refuse to serve.  

There are plenty of delicious vegetarian options that restaurants could easily include on their menus. It’s not hard to include a vegetable burger (it’s not the best option, but it’s still better than nothing!) in the list of all other burgers. How about plain pasta?

13. When the only option is salad.  

Restaurants, we really appreciate it when you dedicate a whole section of the menu to vegetarian dishes. Indeed, it is very caring. But just because we’re vegetarian doesn’t mean we only want to eat leaves. Grains, legumes, and other carbohydrate sources are vegan too! This opens up a huge selection: sandwiches, pastas, soups and more.

14. When people call themselves vegetarians but eat chicken, fish and – sometimes – a cheeseburger.

We don’t want to judge anyone, it’s just that if you regularly eat meat, you are not a vegetarian. Anyone can get an A for effort, but don’t give yourself the wrong name. Pescatarians eat fish, Pollotarians eat poultry, and those who eat cheeseburgers are called…sorry, there’s no special term.

15. When you are always accused of pathos.  

Vegetarians apologize all the time for not eating meat because many people think they are arrogant. “Do you think you’re better than me?” is a question that vegetarians are already tired of hearing. We just live our lives!

16. Vegetarians who are really pathetic.  

Just because we don’t like it when people call us arrogant doesn’t mean there aren’t such vegetarians. Sometimes you will meet a not very nice vegetarian who will openly and insultingly condemn all the meat-eaters or people in leather clothes in the room. Maybe it’s good that they stand up for their beliefs, but then again: these people live their lives …  

17. When “friends” try to feed you meat.  

Just never do it.


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