Cartoons Vegetarian Kids Should Watch

“I asked for Nemo” The cartoon tells about how a clown fish named Marlin tries to save his son Nemo. People caught him and took him away from home. Marlin sets off on a journey across the ocean, where many dangers and incredible encounters await him. This is probably the best cartoon that can introduce children to the ideas of vegetarianism. Among those who will meet the clown fish will be a great white shark who has refused to eat fish. Because fish are friends, not food! Fern Valley: The Last Rainforest Funny mythical creatures similar to fairies live in the tropical forest. Long ago, they imprisoned an evil spirit that wanted to destroy the forest in a tree. But now they are threatened by a new danger – these are people who have begun to cut down trees. And, of course, they will cut down the tree that contains the evil spirit. The cartoon perfectly shows how easy it is for a person to disturb the natural balance in nature. And the environment must be treated with love. “Spirit: Soul Prairie” This is the story of a wild stallion named Spirit. The brave mustang travels all over America, befriends an Indian and finds love. But people have their eyes on the hero and want to make a war horse out of him. This is an adventure cartoon about friendship, love and the right values. “Zootopia” Zootopia is a modern city where animals live. The city is divided into areas corresponding to the natural habitat. And in this metropolis, a little police rabbit appears, who will have to uncover a monstrous conspiracy in order to save the inhabitants. Cartoon “Zootopia” is a great metaphor for our modern life in the city. He shows that in life, first of all, you need to remain true to the ideals of friendship, love and harmony. “Turkeys: Back to the Future” Reggie the turkey lived on an ordinary farm, like everyone else. But he understood why he was fed every day. All in order to become the main treat on the table on Thanksgiving Day. But one day he had a unique opportunity to return to the past in order to change the course of history and prevent the formation of this cruel American tradition.

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