11 Wonderful Useful Christmas Gift Ideas

1. A set of natural organic cosmetics

Now organic cosmetics made from natural ingredients are gaining popularity. A set of lip balm, hand cream and gentle soap will be a great gift for a grandmother, mother or colleague. The main thing is that cosmetics are really of high quality, do not contain mineral oils, SLS, parabens and silicones, but consist only of natural oils and extracts with a minimum amount of chemically synthesized substances.

2. Certificate for a spa or massage

A gift that every girl will definitely be delighted with is a certificate to the spa, where you can swim in the pool, sit in the barrel sauna, get a manicure, pedicure, visit a beautician and, of course, get a massage. By the way, about massage – abhyanga is very common in Ayurvedic centers – massage using natural oils, which will be appreciated by all adherents of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge.

3. Basket of exotic fruits

There are services in the capitals that will take care of such a gift for you and collect a box of the most delicious, ripe and juicy exotic fruits. In the regions, this is more difficult, but do not despair, collect an exclusive box yourself: mango, pineapple, coconut – you can find it in any chain store. Add proven seasonal fruits to the box: pomegranates, persimmons, tangerines, pomelo, pears. And at least 1 kg of fresh oranges for juice, which will be relevant on the morning of January 1 (regardless of how you spend the night before).

4. Detox program for 1 day

Another wonderful and relevant gift option for the New Year holidays is drinking detox programs. After heavy and late festive dinners, spend a detox day, give the body a break, restore the digestive tract and at least slightly cleanse the body of accumulated toxins – that’s it! The program usually includes several hearty smoothies, several detox juices, one nourishing nut milk, and several bottles of detox water. The program is designed for 1 day and completely replaces meals.

5. Gift in a jar

A wonderful gift that can be given to literally anyone you know. Because you will collect the components of the jar based on the preferences of the recipient. First of all, you need to get beautiful closable glass jars. You can give your girlfriends a “healthy oatmeal cookie kit”: pour oatmeal, coconut sugar, flaxseeds and chia seeds into a jar. The lucky owner of such a gift will only have to grind this mixture in a blender, add a little oil and form cookies that will be ready in the oven in 15 minutes! Grandparents can put delicious tea, hand cream, warm socks and cute cards with heartfelt messages in transparent jars. And in such a jar you can safely put homemade sweets, for example, from dates and nuts sprinkled with coconut flakes. Do not forget to decorate the jar in the New Year’s style and tie it with a decorative satin ribbon.

6. Scarf or plaid, knitted by hand

If you know how to knit, such a gift will be an excellent expression of your attention and care. Just remember to first make sure that the thread color you choose fits into the favorite color scheme of the person for whom the gift is intended. By the way, every grandmother will be very happy with a warm blanket made of natural materials, even if it is not knitted by your hands.

7. A set of healthy goodies

If the person to whom you want to give a gift leads a healthy lifestyle and follows the latest in the field of healthy eating, he will definitely like a box of healthy food that you can assemble yourself or order from a special service. If you’re making your own, put in 1 superfood (like chia seeds or acai berry powder), a few delicious snack bars, whole grain toast, an unusual type of cereal (like quinoa or spelt), and raw nuts or dried fruit.

8. Theater/cinema/exhibition tickets

Grandparents will definitely be delighted with theater tickets for an interesting performance (especially based on classical works) or tickets for an art exhibition. Parents also enjoy going to the movies. And if your relatives are active and young, they will also appreciate a 3D movie or a short but breathtaking 7D session, as well as any new entertainment formats like a mirror maze. New sensations, positive emotions and pleasant impressions are guaranteed!

9.          A set of really useful books for activating creativity and self-development 

Notebooks for creativity, books-programs for self-development in 30 days – which you can’t find on store shelves and on the pages of online stores now. A truly wonderful choice for anyone who wants to become better, studies psychology, is creative and loves working on themselves and creativity in all its manifestations. And in order not to make a mistake with the choice – you can give a certificate from a bookstore or publishing house.

10      Tickets for the Development and Improvement Seminar or Yoga Retreat

If you know that the person you are going to gift is passionate about self-improvement, trainings and seminars, a ticket to such an event will be a great gift. For those keen on yoga, a trip to a yoga retreat will be a pleasant surprise. For shy and not very active researchers in this area, tickets to lectures on this topic are more suitable, where you do not need to take an active part.     

11. Certificate for a store of home accessories or home clothes

By the way, about certificates. Each girl will be delighted with a certificate to a home clothing and lingerie store. If you are afraid of not guessing with the size, a certificate is always a great way out. And a good solution could be a certificate for buying interior stuff in a store to arrange a beautiful and cozy nest: clocks, pillows, lamps, figurines, flowers, posters, paintings and other pleasant little things that catch the eye of guests and eloquently testify to the refined taste of the hostess of the house.

If you use our advice, your gifts will definitely not go unnoticed among relatives and friends, will please even the most demanding guest and bring health and positive emotions.

Happy New Year’s surprises to you! 


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