10 most googled recipes in 2020

Each year, Google shares the results of the most popular searches for the past calendar year. In 2020, we all stayed at home for a long time, catering establishments were closed in many countries, so it is quite understandable that cooking has become our forced entertainment. 

What are the most common recipes and dishes prepared by Google users? Basically, they baked – bread, buns, pizza, flat cakes. 

1. Dalgona coffee


This Korean-style coffee has become a real culinary hit. Thanks to the current rapid spread of information in a short time, the popularity of the drink has just skyrocketed and many people already start their day with Korean coffee. Moreover, it costs nothing to make it at home – if only there was a mixer or a whisk, instant coffee, sugar, delicious drinking water and milk or cream. 

2. Bread

This is Turkish bread or small loaves, shaped like traditional buns. Ekmek is prepared with sourdough from flour, honey and olive oil, it can also be baked with filling. 

3. Sourdough bread

It is always warm and cozy in the house when it smells of freshly baked bread. Therefore, it is quite understandable that bread has become one of the most popular requests for the year that bound the Earth with a pandemic. 

4. Pizza

If the pizzerias are closed, then your very house becomes a pizzeria. Moreover, this dish does not require any culinary education. However, there are many recipes for the dough and, apparently, users googled them. 

5. Lakhmajan (lahmajun)

This is also a pizza, only Turkish, with minced meat, vegetables and herbs. In the old days, such cakes helped out poor peasants, since they were made from ordinary dough and leftover food that was in the house. Now it is a very popular dish in the east and in European countries. 

6. Bread with beer

When you no longer have the strength to drink beer, you start from it … – bake! But jokes are jokes, but the bread on the beer turns out to be very tasty, with an interesting aroma and slightly sweet taste. 

7. Banana bread

In the spring of 2020, a banana bread recipe was searched 3-4 times more often than before the quarantine was introduced. Psychotherapist Natasha Crowe suggests that making banana bread is not only a deliberate process, but also a form of care that is fairly easy to show. And if you have not yet baked banana bread for households, then use this recipe.

8. Ask

Even in the Old Testament, these simple cakes are mentioned. Their distinctive feature is water vapor, which is obtained in the dough when baking pita, it accumulates in a bubble in the center of the cake, separating the layers of the dough. And thus, a “pocket” is formed inside the cake, which can be opened by cutting the edge of the pita with a sharp knife, and into which you can put various fillings.  

9. Brioche

This is a delicious French bread made from yeast dough. The high egg and butter content makes the brioches soft and light. Brioches are baked both in the form of bread and in the form of small rolls. 

10. Naan

Naan – cakes made from yeast dough, baked in a special oven called “tandoor” and built of clay, stones or, as is sometimes done today, even of metal in the form of a dome with a hole for placing the dough on top. Such ovens, and accordingly flat cakes, are common in Central and South Asia. Milk or yoghurt is often added to naan, they give the bread an unforgettable distinctive taste and make it especially tender. 

Why has baked goods become so popular?

Katerina Georgiuv says in an interview for elle.ru: “In uncertain times, many will try to establish some kind of control to cope with the situation: food is a common aspect of our life that allows us to control life,” she says. “Baking is a conscious activity that we can focus on, and the fact that we have to eat brings in the order that we lose in a pandemic. Plus, cooking engages all of our five senses at once, which is essential for grounding when we want to return to the present. When baking, we use our hands, use our sense of smell, eyes, hear the sounds of the kitchen, and finally taste the food. The smell of baking takes us back to childhood, where we felt safe and secure, and where we were cared for. Under stress, this is the most pleasant memory. The word bread is what is associated with warmth, comfort, tranquility. ”  

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