Vegan Nomad: An Interview with Wendy

The author of the blog, Wendy, has visited an impressive number of countries – 97, which she is not going to stop at. In her interview, the cheerful Wendy talks about her favorite places on the planet, the most beautiful dish and in which country she had the hardest time.

I went vegan in September 2014 while traveling in Greece. I currently live in Geneva, so most of my green trips are in Western Europe. In particular, these were France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK. And, of course, Switzerland. I also flew briefly to my home state of Alabama (USA) to meet my mother.

Interest in veganism was born out of concern for one’s own health and the environment. At the end of 2013, I witnessed the agonizing death of my father, which was associated with complications from type 1 diabetes. At that moment, I realized the inevitability of my own end and a clear understanding that I did not want to end. A few months later, I learned more about plant-based nutrition and that the milk protein casein can cause type 1 diabetes in those who are genetically predisposed to it. After learning all this, it became difficult for me to consume dairy products: every time I thought about the fact that over and over again, little by little, I sign myself under the death sentence.

The preservation of the environment has always been of great importance to me. Environmental concerns are rising as the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the overall rate of destruction with which humans are harming the planet increases. I knew that a plant-based diet could leave a much smaller negative footprint, which was the catalyst for my transition.

My favorite country before and after going vegan is Italy. Many people think that all Italian food revolves around cheese, but this is not at all the case. This country has a lot more to offer than the stereotypical pasta spaghetti. Authentic Italian cuisine includes a huge variety of local and regional dishes, so dishes can vary greatly depending on the part of the country. I would like to especially note the South of Italy in terms of the abundance of vegetable cuisine!


God, should I pick one? It’s pretty hard! Well, there’s a vegan tapas bar in Madrid called Vega that I really like. They also serve main courses, but my husband Nick and I both ordered several different platters of tapas (a Spanish starter). In addition, they serve excellent cold soups, such as gazpacho, as well as mushroom croquettes. On our first visit, we were treated to a blueberry cheesecake which was amazing!

The most difficult trip in this regard was Normandy, France, during the Christmas holidays in 2014. But “difficult” is a relative term, because after all, it wasn’t that hard. The local cuisine is predominantly meat and dairy products, but you can also find suitable dishes. We found great options in Italian, Moroccan and Chinese restaurants.

A couple of times we had to eat in French restaurants at the hotel where we stayed. There was nothing even close to vegetarian on the menu, but the waiters were happy to make a special order for us. It was enough to politely ask and explain what we need!

We have several weekends planned in the near future, one of which is London, where my brother-in-law invited us to my birthday party at Vanilla Black. This is a restaurant of a higher standard than the ones I usually visit. You can tell I’m excited!

Then, our next trip will be to Spain for the Easter holidays. We are already well acquainted with this country, but you can always find something new in it. After a quick stop in Madrid, we will sail to the regions of Aragon and Castilla-la-Mancha. In Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon, there are several vegetarian and even one vegan place called El Plato Reberde, which I look forward to visiting!

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