10 guitarists from whose music the heart stops

The guitar is one of the most widely used musical instruments today. This musical instrument is relatively simple and can be easily learned to play.

There are many types of guitars: classical guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, six-string and seven-string guitars. Today the guitar can be heard in city squares and in the best concert halls. In principle, anyone can learn to play the guitar, but it takes a lot to become a virtuoso guitarist. First of all, you need talent and a huge capacity for work, as well as love for this instrument and for your listener. We have prepared a list for you that includes the best guitarists in the world. It was quite difficult to compose it, as the musicians play in different genres, they have a different style of playing. The list was compiled based on the opinions of experts and reputable music publications. The people included in this list have long become true legends.

10 Joe Satriani

This is an American guitarist who was born in a family of immigrants from Italy. According to the authoritative music publication, Classic Rock, Satriani is one of the best guitarists of all time. He is the teacher of a galaxy of talented musicians such as: David Bryson, Charlie Hunter, Larry LaLonde, Steve Vai and many others.

He was even invited to the famous Deep Purple group, but their collaboration was short-lived. Over the course of his career, over 10 million copies of his albums have been released. Those playing techniques that he used cannot be repeated by most musicians even after many years of training.

9. Randy Rose

This is a brilliant American guitarist who played heavy music and collaborated with the famous Ozzy Osbourne for a long time. His playing was distinguished not only by the highest technique of performance, but also by great emotionality. People who knew Randy closely noted his manic love for music and for his instrument. He began to study music at an early age and at the age of 14 he performed in amateur groups.

Rose was also a talented composer. In 1982, he died in an accident – crashed on a light aircraft.


8. Jimmy Page

This person is considered one of the UK’s most talented guitarists. Page is also known as a music producer, arranger and talented composer. He started playing the guitar at an early age, then graduated from music school and began to educate himself.

It was Jimmy Page who stood at the origins of the legendary Led Zeppelin group, and for many years was its informal leader. The technique of this guitarist is considered impeccable.

7. Jeff Beck

This musician is a role model. He can extract unusually bright sounds from the instrument. This man has received the prestigious Grammy Award seven times. It seems that the game does not cost him any effort at all.

Jeff Beck tried his hand at different genres of music: he played blues rock, hard rock, fusion and other styles. And he has always been successful.

Music, the future virtuoso began to study in the church choir, then tried to play different musical instruments: violin, piano and drums. In the mid-60s of the last century, he began to play the guitar, changed several musical groups, and then settled on a solo career.


6. Tony Iommi

This person can be called the number one guitarist in the world of “heavy” music. He was a talented composer, songwriter and music producer. However, Tony is best known as the founding member of Black Sabbath.

Tony started his career working as a welder at a construction site, then left this job after an accident.


5. Stevie Ray Vaughn

One of the best guitaristswho worked in the blues style. He was born in the USA, in the state of Wisconsin, in 1954. He was often taken to concerts by various celebrities, and the boy was very fond of music from early childhood. His brother also became a famous musician, and it was he who taught Stevie Ray how to play the guitar at an early age.

He played by ear, because he did not know musical notation. At the age of thirteen, the boy was already performing in famous clubs and left high school to devote himself to music.

In 1990, the musician died in an accident. The listeners really liked his style of playing: emotional and at the same time very soft. He was a real crowd favorite.

4. Eddie Van Halen

This is an American guitarist of Dutch origin. He is known for his unique and inimitable technique. In addition, Halen is a well-known designer of musical instruments and equipment.

Halen was born in 1954 in the Netherlands. His father was a professional musician, who gave the boy the middle name Ludwig, after the composer Beethoven. At an early age, he began learning to play the piano, but soon realized that it was rather boring. He then took up the drum set, while his brother began to learn guitar. After some time, the brothers exchanged instruments.

In 2012, he was recognized as the best guitarist of the year. Halen had a third of his tongue removed after being treated for cancer.

Halen impresses with his unique guitar technique. Even more amazing is that he is self-taught and has never taken lessons from famous guitarists.


3. Robert Johnson

This is a famous musician who performed in the blues style. He was born in 1911 in Mississippi and died tragically in 1938. The art of playing the guitar was given to Robert with great difficulty, but he mastered the instrument perfectly. His work had a huge impact on the further development of the musical genre in which he worked.

This black performer attributed his talent to a deal with the devil he made at a magical crossroads. There he sold his soul in exchange for exceptional musical talent. Johnson died at the hands of a jealous husband. Only two photographs of the famous musician have survived, he spent most of his life away from the big stage, playing in eateries and restaurants.

Several films have been made based on his biography.


2. Eric Clapton

This British musician is one of the most respected guitarists in the world. In the list of the most influential musicians, which was compiled by the famous music publication Rolling Stone, Clapton is ranked fourth among the best guitarists.

He performs in rock, blues and classical styles. The sound that his fingers produce is very smooth and viscous. That’s why Clapton got the nickname “slow hand”. The musician was awarded the Order of the British Empire – one of the most respected awards in the UK.

The future famous musician was born in 1945 in England. The boy received his first guitar for his birthday at the age of thirteen. This determined his future fate. The blues especially attracted the young man. Clapton’s performance style has changed over the years, but you can always see the blues roots in it.

Clapton collaborated with several groups, and then began a solo career.

The musician collects expensive Ferrari cars, he has a wonderful collection.

1. Jimmy Hendrix

The best guitarist of all time believed to be Jimi Hendrix. This opinion is shared by many experts and music critics. Hendix was also a very talented composer and songwriter.

The future great musician was born in 1942 in the state of Washington. He began his career in the small town of Nashville, playing guitar with the popular pianist Little Richard, but rather quickly left this band, starting his own career. In his youth, the future great guitarist was even sentenced to two years in prison for stealing a car, but instead of prison, he went to the army.

In addition to his virtuoso guitar playing, Hendrix was able to turn his every performance into a bright and memorable show and quickly became a celebrity.

He constantly generated new ideas, came up with new effects and techniques for playing his instrument. His playing technique was recognized as unique, he could play the guitar in any position.

The musician tragically died in 1970, having taken a large dose of sleeping pills and choked on vomit. His girlfriend did not call the doctors, as there were drugs in the hotel room. Therefore, the musician was not provided timely assistance.

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