Plants for home growing

Growing plants at home has a number of benefits. After all, they act not only as interior decoration, but also purify the air, create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Studies have shown that a lush conservatory at home can reduce stress, relieve tension, and even promote faster recovery from illness. This plant not only soothes the skin after sunburns, bites and cuts, but also helps to detoxify the body, remarkably cleans the air. Interestingly, with excessive levels of harmful chemicals in the air, brown spots appear on aloe leaves. According to NASA, English ivy is the #1 houseplant because of its incredible air-filtering ability. This plant absorbs formaldehyde effectively and is also fairly easy to grow. Adaptable plant, prefers moderate temperatures, not too whimsical to sunlight. Rubber plants are easy to grow in cold climates and low light. This unassuming plant is a powerful air purifier of toxins. The spider is easy to grow and is a common houseplant. It is on NASA’s list of the best air-purifying plants. Effective on contaminants such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene.

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