Juice post for beginners

Juice fasting is becoming more and more popular as a cleansing of the body and a “reset” of physiological processes hampered by harmful substances, toxins and preservatives.

Of course, this raises a lot of questions. Will I be hungry? Will I spend all my time in the toilet? What products to buy? We hope this list will help you.


Many people switch to a juice fast thinking that it will quickly get rid of their health problems and excess weight. This is not a good idea. It is better to consider the juice diet as a “starter drug” on the path to clean eating and good health.

A juice fast can be a difficult ordeal, and it’s expensive enough to make it a one-time event.

Think of it as a lifestyle, it will give you insight into the benefits of healthy food. Many people report that their energy has increased after the juice diet. Doing a juice fast for 2-3 days whets your appetite for that feeling of energy that comes with good health and proper nutrition.

What you eat

The “juice” you need to drink on a juice diet cannot be bought in the store. It must be done with a juicer, which squeezes fresh vegetables and fruits with pulp. Most juice fasts consist of drinking such juice, nothing else.

Depending on the length of your fast and your activity, a normal meal may be required, but it should be “clean” and not contain processed foods.

How long to post  

The length of the post can vary greatly, ranging from 2 to 60 days. However, beginners should start small. Juice fasts can be quite intense, and with a normal lifestyle, a long fast becomes almost impossible. Breaking a long fast is worse than successfully completing a short one. Practice shows that a fast of 2-3 days is a great start.

Fasting more than 7 days is not a good idea. Although the benefits of juice are obvious, it becomes not enough if you use it for a long time.

For most people, fasting Friday through Sunday is a great start. A short period will allow you to “drive” into the diet, and the weekend will allow you to allocate free time.

The juice diet is very healthy but very labor intensive, so a proper schedule is key.

Necessary equipment

All you need is a juicer. Over the past 5 years, the choice has become much wider. You can buy cheaper, for example, Black & Decker JE2200B or Hamilton Beach brands, more expensive models are made by Breville and Omega.

If you are planning on making juicing a part of your daily routine (good idea!), I would recommend buying a more expensive juicer. If you are planning only a post, then you can buy a cheaper one. Keep in mind that small juicers are not designed for heavy use and can get “tired” after a week of heavy use.

Buying products

The Surprising Benefit of a Juice Fast: Going shopping becomes easier. Just buy vegetables and fruits!

It is best to use vegetables and fruits that are dense in texture and contain a lot of water, such as carrots, apples, celery, beets, ginger, oranges, lemons, green leafy vegetables. Soft fruits and vegetables like bananas and avocados are low in water.

In any case, it’s worth experimenting. Berries, herbs, and vegetables of almost all kinds can be pressed, and unusual combinations often taste very good.

I firmly believe that curiosity and craving for experiments will allow you to diversify these 2-3 days well. If you are confused by the variety, there are many books with juice recipes.


The most common question about a juice fast is, “How will I feel?” In the long run, juice fasts will make you feel better. In the short term, the results may be different. Depending on the state of the body, the results can vary from seething energy to the desire to lie in bed all day. This is another reason why it is worth doing this for several days and preferably on the weekend.

There are several rules that will help you transfer the post as comfortably as possible: • Drink plenty of water • More calories • Don’t overdo physical activity (moderate activity is acceptable)

daily affairs

A juice fast is more work than just food. Juicing takes time, and you need to make enough juice to last all day. A good practice is to push as many as you can in the morning. Ideally – through a small or medium nozzle. This will take time, an hour or so, in the evenings you will also have to make juice.

For most people, the most difficult thing is to maintain the required number of calories to avoid hunger and fatigue. This means you should drink 9-12 cups of juice a day.

This requires a lot of fruits and vegetables, so you will have to go to the store every day or every other day. To save money, you can take apples and carrots as the basis for juices. They are quite cheap and give a lot of juice.

If your fast lasts longer than 3 days, it is better to use more green powder. It will help fill in the empty spaces in the diet and add nutrients. Popular brands include Vitamineral Green, Green Vibrance, Incredible Greens, and Macro Greens.

Jonathan Bechtel is the creator of Incredible Greens, a sweet green powder containing 35 different plants. He loves helping people who want to become raw foodists, vegans or vegetarians. He also gives out free hugs.    


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