Why you need to eat seaweed more often


When we say “seaweed,” we mean “iodine” – but not only is this component rich in this product. Seaweed can help you in many ways.

1. Healthier intestines

Intestinal bacteria break down the fiber contained in seaweed, the compounds that contribute to improving the intestinal microflora. Thus normalized, not only the digestive tract but health in general.

2. Will protect the heart

If you eat seaweed every day (of course, a small amount), the risk of heart attacks is greatly reduced. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reducing the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Also, seaweed in the diet helps to normalize blood pressure.


3. Will help to lose weight

Seaweed is a low-calorie product. Besides, it contains alginic acid and fiber, which are almost not digested and in the intestine, acts as absorbents, bringing toxins from the body and the remains of processed fat.

Why you need to eat seaweed more often

4. Will protect against the development of diabetes

Seaweed boasts good content of fiber components effective to help regulate the levels of glucose and insulin. The studies found that consuming algae increases insulin sensitivity.

5. Prevent cancer

Seaweed has a high content of lignans – substances with antioxidant action. This group of phenolic compounds helps to block the chemical compounds that cause cancer. According to experts, lignans have anti-tumor activity and improve the functioning of the liver and nervous system.

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