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Le rumbling belly, you’ve probably already experienced it, haven’t you? This can be very annoying, especially if you are in a public place, near other people.

This noise is actually generated by your digestive system and more specifically by the stomach, and especially when you are hungry. However, this belly sound can also occur after a meal, due to stomachic and digestive tract contractions, which usually occur during digestion.

Fortunately, there are suitable solutions to get rid of these gurgling sounds. And these are all simple and natural. I myself am very often a victim of rumbling belly and today, I know how to do without it. I invite you to discover the following advice.

Why does the belly growl?

Belly gurgles express either digestion or a feeling of hunger, and these emit more or less noticeable noises. These noises are intensified in the case of gastroenteritis or aerophagia. They are also amplified when you consume sugary foods or when you drink carbonated drinks.

As I mentioned before, these sounds, also called “rumbling”, are the result of the contraction of the intestines and the stomach. By contracting, these organs help transport leftover food to allow more to arrive.

Once the stomach is empty and digestion is complete, the intestines and the stomach then allow gas and fluids to circulate through the digestive system. It is then that the body lets out gas, hence the gurgling sounds. These gases result from the transformation of food by digestive juices.

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In any case, you should know that the rumbling belly is not dangerous, don’t worry. However, when this phenomenon is followed by degurgitation, you are strongly advised to go see a doctor!

What are the solutions to adopt to avoid a rumbling stomach?

To cure stomach rumblings, you mainly need to strengthen your digestive system and as much as possible eat healthy. You can also help your digestive system during digestion through various effective methods, which I will show you below.

Do not eat anything when you do not feel the need to eat

As I told you before, it is quite normal for the stomach to growl. No matter how healthy your diet is, you will have a growling stomach at one point or another.

Anyway, it is recommended not to eat too large meals because when you eat too much food, you abuse your digestive system and this promotes rumbling. Likewise, when you are not hungry, do not eat anything. It is not normal to force yourself to eat, especially since it will not stop a rumbling belly.

If you are not hungry, it means on the one hand that your body no longer has room to receive the extra calories and on the other hand that your digestive system needs a break. If this is the case, digestion may not be proceeding normally. It is therefore essential to only consume food when you are hungry.

Massage your stomach

The belly massage helps to remedy the rumbling belly. It doesn’t cost you anything to try and you can do it as much as you want, before a meal or after, in the morning when you wake up or before sleeping at night.

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By the way, the frequency of massage is indefinite and as long as it makes you feel good, you can still do it.


Stimulate your digestion by eating spicy and strong foods

Spicy foods promote digestion and allow food to be absorbed more easily and quickly. At the same time, they help to heal the rumbling stomach. To do this, you have the choice between different spices and herbs, to name only chilli, ginger, shallot, onion, garlic or even pepper.

Beware of incompatible food associations

Each food is digested separately, and takes a long or short time. When a food that is slow to digest is combined with a food that is fast to digest, the former can break down and make digestion difficult.

If you persist in eating foods whose digestion is not the same, your digestion will be even more complex, longer, which results in the fermentation of food. This is when you can lose a lot of minerals and vitamins, which should have been absorbed.


Why is my stomach growling? What are the solutions ? – Happiness and health

Take your time while eating and chew your food well

When eating your meal, it is essential not to rush and take the time to chew everything properly. This helps remedy the rumbling stomach and facilitate the digestion of food. and avoid bloating.

Small anti-gurgling recipe made with fennel seeds

Finally, I suggest you discover an effective recipe with fennel seeds, to avoid gurgling, especially when you are on an empty stomach.


Here are the steps to follow to make the recipe:

  • First, heat a quarter of a liter of water in a saucepan.
  • When the water begins to boil, add two tablespoons of fennel seeds to it.
  • Let it boil over low heat for about five minutes.
  • Filter the herbal tea thus obtained and let it cool.
  • Then drink your herbal tea at your own pace.
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I want to warn you that this drink is not very delicious to drink. This is one of the reasons why I made it clear to drink at your own pace! If you have to go to an interview that is stressing you out, take this remedy, it will be of great help to you.

As you can see, belly rumbling is a completely normal phenomenon, but it can be embarrassing. The best you can do is watch your diet. Also, to avoid digestion related issues, consider getting six to seven hours of sleep a night.

Another tip I can give you to ward off a rumbling stomach is to drink enough water throughout the day. Do not eat large amounts of food either, as your stomach may growl.

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