Vivienne Westwood declares herself to be living proof that cutting meat solves many health problems

A strict vegetarian diet has been repeatedly proven to be beneficial to health. But Vivienne Westwood has gone further in her commitment to this lifestyle, claiming that it can heal the disabled.

Seventy-two-year-old Vivienne, a fashion designer, has proclaimed herself living proof that cutting meat solves many health problems, claiming that her rheumatism in her finger is gone.

The Sun quotes her speech at the launch of the new PETA campaign: “There are clinics that follow a strict vegetarian diet, and there are people who rode in wheelchairs and recovered thanks to this diet.”

“If you follow a vegetarian diet, anything can be cured,” she added. I had rheumatism, my finger hurt. Now that pain is gone.”

However, many disability groups question her words. A spokesperson for the spinal cord injury organization Aspire cited the “complete lack of medical evidence.” “The so-called healing provides false hope for recovery from a serious injury,” he added.

Westwood then gave an explanation. In an interview with The Independent, she said: “From my experience, I really want to help people regain their health, and a strict vegetarian diet has helped me. I am very sorry if this gave false hope to someone who is very sick or suffering. I only talked about rheumatism, I’m sorry if someone misunderstood.

Her comment comes just days after she confirmed her eco-warrior title by admitting that she rarely showers and she and her husband wash in the same water.

“I usually don’t shower often at home,” she says in another PETA ad released earlier this week. “I wash and run away on business, often I don’t even take a bath after Andreas.”

“I’m sorry, but everything in our power can help,” she says. “We need to start somewhere.”

“I know PETA because we are good friends with Pamela Anderson and Chrissie Hynde and they told me about this organization. So I accepted an invitation to take action to help stop animal cruelty.”

“Water is very valuable, it is more important than the gas that people seek to get from the ground and for which we are ready to poison the water. Meat-eating is one of the most unhealthy things imaginable.”

“I have enough money to make a choice, and this is my choice. We don’t need to eat meat, there are too many of us, and eating meat is destroying the planet.”

“I believe that we are an endangered species, we need to think about what we are doing. We are probably killing ourselves by eating meat.”

The video of Westwood taking a shower was released ahead of World Water Day on March 22.


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