WHDI wireless interface

Tech giants, including Sony, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, Sharp and Hitachi, have announced their intention to create a wireless network that can connect virtually every consumer electronic device in the home.

The result of the companies’ activities will be a new standard called WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), which will eliminate the many cables that are used today to connect equipment.

The new home standard will be based on a video modem. Devices from different manufacturers will be able to connect using the new technology. In fact, it will play the role of a Wi-Fi network for home appliances. Currently, WHDI equipment allows video signal transmission over a distance of about 30 meters.

First of all, the new device can be used for TVs and DVD-players, which are not connected with each other using a cable. It will also be possible to combine gaming consoles, TV tuners and any displays without the use of numerous cables. For example, using this technology, a movie that is played on a DVD player in the bedroom can be watched on any TV set within the home. In this case, the TV and the player do not need to be connected with a cable.

Wireless TVs are expected to be available next year. They will cost $ 100 more than usual.

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