What to take with you on a camping trip?

Summer is the time to travel! And while many prefer beach, seaside resorts, camping with a fire and a guitar remains an actual pastime for active people in the summer! On such a journey, many important little things always turn out to be necessary, which are easy to forget about and which we will talk about in the article. Burns, scratches, cuts, bumps and bites are essential attributes of any mountain tourist. It is categorically not recommended to go out to the tent trip without a first aid kit. If you are not yet a veteran of intelligence, most likely you will need fire and, accordingly, what you can build it with. Without a fire, you lose warm food (what could be better than potatoes baked in the hall, or vegetable soup cooked on a fresh fire). In addition, your nights run the risk of being much colder than you would like. Has many uses in tent camping. With the help of a rope, you can tie all kinds of knots where necessary, build a “hanger” for wet clothes, an impromptu shelter (if there is a canopy), throw a rope to help a person in various extreme situations. Peanut butter has a long shelf life and is a very satisfying snack. It is a universal source of fat and protein, “fast food for tourists”. If you want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night or find firewood for an evening fire, any tourist must have a lantern. It is also advisable to grab a flashlight that is fixed on the head – it is very convenient and frees up the hands. Your car and phone may be equipped with GPS, but in the mountains or in deep forests, the signal probability is rather low. The classic attributes of a tourist – a map and a compass – should not be neglected. Also known as the Swiss Army Knife, the tool does not take up space in your backpack, but is indispensable in many situations. You checked the weather forecast for the next week – no rain, clear sunshine. Unfortunately, the weather does not always live up to the promises and expectations of weather forecasters, and can take a tourist by surprise with rain. With additional warm clothing – underpants, a sweater, rubber boots and a raincoat – your time in nature will become a little more comfortable.

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