What is the benefit of peanut butter


Peanut butter is a healthy, versatile, and delicious food. Just spread on the bread, you will get a beneficial reinforcement for the body.

The benefits of peanut butter

– Peanut butter is a source of 26 minerals and 13 vitamins, easily digested vegetable protein, healthy fats, and calories that will give you the energy you need to work.

– Eating peanut butter regularly will significantly improve memory, help you concentrate on work, and will put your nervous system in order.

– Peanut butter contains a lot of folic acids, which helps cells divide and renew. This is especially important for women during pregnancy, as folic acid helps the unborn child develop properly.

Peanut butter contains a lot of zinc, which, together with the minerals contained in it, helps strengthen the immune system and protect the body from viruses in the cold season.

– Peanut butter is a source of iron, which is important for those who have iron-deficiency anemia. Iron helps to renew the composition of the blood, saturate it with oxygen.

– Magnesium from peanut butter normalizes blood pressure and improves metabolic processes.

– During the preparation of peanuts during its heat treatment, polyphenols are released – antioxidant substances that will protect the body from cancer and prevent premature aging of the entire body.

How much peanut butter can you eat?

Because of the high-calorie content of peanut butter, you can eat it in the amount of a tablespoon a day – this is just enough to make a sandwich.

How to use peanut butter

Peanut paste can be added to oatmeal porridge instead of butter, spread it on toast, make a sauce for meat, fish, or a dressing for a vegetable salad, use it as a filling for homemade sweets, add it to smoothies and smoothies, in the dough for baking and cookies.

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