Feijoa benefits for the body

Under the unusual appearance of these tropical fruits hides a delicate taste, reminiscent of both strawberries, pineapple and kiwi.

Homeland of feijoa – South America. There is this fruit called Quechua, according to legend, he went to the people as a gift from the gods. For the Indians who managed to erect a temple in honor of the Sun God, the earth was sent a special fruit, all of which was hidden the strength of one man. Thus, eating a divine gift, each of the builders of the temple became twice as strong.

The right of the discoverer belongs to Brazilian naturalist joão da Silva Feijo, from whom berry got its name.

You will be assisted by feijoa

The brain will work faster. The amount of iodine in feijoa can be compared with the seafood. And if so, to fans of green fruits guaranteed a good memory, intelligence and high efficiency. To provide the body with the daily norm of iodine, eat just two fruits.

Decrease harmful cholesterol. You can make compotes, jams, fruit salads, sauces for meat and fish. But it’s not just about these foods. The fact that guava improves digestion and lowers harmful cholesterol in the blood. So if you have dinner scheduled including a pork chop, don’t forget about the dessert of feijoa.

Will increase immunity. Vitamin C in guava is not much less than in citrus, that is why green fruit can be a wonderful preventive tool in the autumn colds and the flu epidemic.

Feijoa benefits for the body

You will be beautiful... Feijoa contains zinc, necessary for skin and strong nails, in addition, in the green fruits of many vitamins that protect against pimples and hair loss.

… and more fun! The number of substances that can elevate moods, feijoas can compete with such “recognized antidepressant” as bitter chocolate.

Feijoa Review - Weird Fruit Explorer Ep. 110

How to eat feijoa

As with many exotic fruits, the question arises, how to eat feijoas. It’s very simple — cut feijoas in half crosswise and take out the flesh with a spoon, leaving the bitter skins. Feijoa stored in the refrigerator for a week maximum, then begins to fade and darken.

Feijoa benefits for the body

The details description of feijoa we described in the next article.

As well you may learn about feijoa chemical composition.

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