Remarkably useful property of pumpkin seeds

It is full of iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins belonging to the group B. And pumpkin is great for the whole body, relieving us of poisons and various toxins. Pumpkin fiber helps the intestines to function normally and in addition, stimulate the absorption of nutrients.

But not only pumpkin is useful. Scientists from Nottingham University (UK) found that special favor can bring a person the use of pumpkin seeds.

Namely, as scientists have discovered, pumpkin seeds can be used to maintain normal levels of blood sugar and protect against diabetes.

So, in the course of the study it was found that some active ingredients in pumpkin seeds, including polysaccharides, peptides and proteins, have hypoglycemic properties and can help to reduce the level of blood glucose like insulin. First of all, we are talking about such compounds as trigonelline, nicotinic acid (also known as vitamin B3) and D-chiro-Inositol.

The study itself took place in the next way: one group of participants received food enriched with pumpkin seeds, while the other group was a control one. After the meal the subjects were measured for level of blood sugar.

Remarkably useful property of pumpkin seeds

According to experts, people who ate pumpkin seeds had adequate blood sugar levels, and to achieve this effect it is enough to consume 65 grams of seeds daily.

Experts advise to add pumpkin seeds to salads and soups, and to produce a bolder flavor, they can fried a little in a frying pan.

How to roast pumpkin seeds – watch in the video below:

How-To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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