10 cool potato life hacks that are worth to know

Potato dishes are cooked very often. But even such a simple ingredient is very easy to spoil. What life hacks you can apply to regular potatoes?

1. If you put in a pan with cooking potatoes a knob of butter, the dish is cooked much faster. Butter can be replaced with vegetable or margarine. The grease creates a film under which the potatoes are cooked faster.

2. Wash potatoes, pierce each Spud with a fork a few times and send in the microwave. A maximum of 10 minutes, the potatoes will be ready.

10 cool potato life hacks that are worth to know

3. If you added too much salt, add a few raw potatoes and in 10 minutes, they will absorb the excess salt.

4. To quickly peel the potatoes after cooking, cut the tuber with a knife in a circle before cooking. Cooked, cooled potatoes are then very easily cleaned.

5. Remaining mashed potatoes can be used for preparing other dishes. Add the flour, eggs, grated cheese, the dough for the waffle iron is ready.

6. To perfectly roast a potato, choose a variety with a low starch content. It seems to be a bright yellow or pink tubers. Before frying dry the potato slices with paper towels. Immerse the potatoes in the already heated oil and fry in a single layer, without turning often. Salt the dish only at the end of cooking.

10 cool potato life hacks that are worth to know

7. For mashing, choose yellowish potatoes. To mash turned out with a smooth texture with no lumps, very well rasarite tubers. Add to the sauce only when the milk is heated. Blender for mashed potatoes can be used.

8. To form a crispy crust select young tubers of medium size. Before baking, brush and dry, brush with vegetable oil and make a cross-incision, before serving, you can put a piece of butter.

9. To potatoes not darkened, while waiting for their turn to go in the pot, just place the potatoes in a bowl with cool water and cover. Or blanch the peeled tubers with boiling water.

10. To get rid of the unpleasant taste of frozen potatoes, place the tubers briefly in cold water, then immediately place in hot. As an option – boiling water with a teaspoon of salt and vinegar.

Another 15 life hacks watch in the video below:


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