Fatty foods that help you lose weight

To lose weight in harmony, your diet must contain fats-they normalize the balance of incoming substances, support the elasticity of your skin, as well the health of your hair and nails. For women, fat plays a vital role in the health of the reproductive system.

By excluding fatty foods from our diet, we put our health at risk and delay weight loss by disrupting our metabolism. Lose weight, maybe, and it will turn out faster, but with the return of the usual diet, the lost pounds will return. Besides, regular non-fat foods contain more protein and carbohydrates.


Butter contains so many vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that even a small amount in a sandwich is enough to provide them to your body. The oil is involved in slowing down the absorption of sugar while not interfering with the flow of energy and improving brain function.


Avocado is a source of monounsaturated fats that satisfy hunger for a long time and do not harm health. Avocado also contains a lot of protein and fiber, as opposed to just butter, which helps clean the body of toxins. The norm of avocado for an adult is a quarter a day because, despite its benefits, this product is very high in calories.


Among the nuts in terms of fat content, you can distinguish walnuts, almonds, and coconut. It is also a polyunsaturated acid source, which improves metabolism, normalizes blood insulin levels, and promotes weight loss.

Fat fish

Eating fish is recommended not only because of the omega-3 fatty acids but also in vitamin D, which is important in the period from autumn to spring. Polyunsaturated acids help to lose weight, improve metabolism, and at the gene level resist the accumulation of fat deposits in the abdomen. Which, by the way, are the most difficult to remove.


Rich in protein, low-calorie, low-carb, and fat yogurt will be your salvation from the cold. Natural yogurt contains calcium and valuable bacteria, which will help to improve digestion and relieve unpleasant symptoms in the abdominal area. You can fill salads with yogurt and not just eat them as a separate dish.


We are used to the fact that eggs are the main source of protein, and the yolk is harmful to its cholesterol. But it is in the yolk that contains a valuable substance-choline, which prevents weight gain and fat deposition in the liver.

Salad dressing

Vitamins from vegetables are absorbed along with fats, and therefore it is better to fill salads with vegetable oil or sauces. The best oils are olive and linseed; they positively affect the health of blood vessels and the heart. From sauces, you can use sour cream or natural mayonnaise.

Dark chocolate

A small piece of chocolate will boost your mood and provide an additional portion of healthy fats. This is cocoa butter, which contains acids that can slow down normal digestion and delay the feeling of hunger.

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