Video lecture “Russian Health. Debunking the myths about Russian folk meat-eating, drunkenness and debauchery.

Denis Bulgin – an active participant in the movement of Rodnovers, the essence of which is not to “restore” the old way of life (hut, bast shoes, etc.), but to remember one’s roots, family ties and those elements of the culture of ancestors that can be useful for modern man. In particular, the discussion at the meeting was about Russian Health – the understanding of a healthy lifestyle by the Slavs, which, by the way, practically excluded meat-eating, completely excluded the use of alcohol, as well as promiscuity.

Denis also shared his own experience of a healthy lifestyle, giving up alcohol, hunger strikes, observing fasts – and all this with an active lifestyle. So, a friend of Denis was present in the hall, who confirmed that they climbed Mont Blanc together, while their “food” diet consisted only of … mate!

Denis is engaged in Slavyano-Goritsa wrestling, hitchhiking, working as a business coach and personal growth coach.

In general, we recommend watching the video of the meeting 🙂

Part one.

Part two.

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