Vegetarianism is harmful to children!!

Vegetarianism harms the children’s body!

If you doubt or are even sure that vegetarianism harms the child’s body, then the first mention of the “victims” of vegetarianism is in the Bible, in the book of the prophet Daniel. The prophet himself, along with his friends Misail and Azariah, were chosen to serve in the “royal palaces.” The king ordered to select healthy, without bodily defects and smart youths, that is, at the time of enrollment in the staff of the king’s servants, the children were about 10-12 years old. We read further: the king ordered to feed the pupils from his table, to drink fine wine. Daniel “put in his heart” not to eat anything of the royal table, but to adhere to vegetarianism. So did his friends.

Amelsar, the chief of the eunuchs, was troubled by Daniel’s decision. After all, if vegetarianism turns out to be harmful to the growing organism of children, and even affects their mental abilities, then he himself will be severely punished. But Daniil offered to conduct an experiment: for ten days he and his friends would eat vegetables and drink plain water. “At the end of ten days, their faces turned out to be more beautiful, and their bodies were fuller than all those youths who ate the royal dishes” (Dan. 3:15). Even more: the youths excelled in knowledge, and Daniel received the gift of interpreting dreams!

So what’s wrong with being a vegetarian? It is indirect and consists in the fact that the non-acceptance of the obvious by meat-eaters is expressed in aggression, obsession with negative emotions. And children, feeling the naturalness of vegetarianism, are subjected to pressure from meat-eaters. Don’t be offended if you are one of them. Draw conclusions if you simply doubt the benefits of vegetarianism.

The word of science about the dangers of vegetarianism for children

In addition to the above example, there are more scientific evidence for the harm of vegetarianism. Only not for children, but for doctors. They cannot get anything from them for treatment, since children practically do not need it. Data? Please: the famous pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky testifies that allergies are a disease of modern civilization, satiety and malnutrition. The same goes for many other diseases. Unfortunately, people, knowing that they are digging their own grave with a spoonful of meat, bring up their children in the same “tradition”.

Unfortunately, there are other doctors who call vegetarians mentally ill and say that vegetarianism harms the child’s body. They themselves, by eating meat, are harmed by vegetarianism in the sense that the more healthy and well-nourished children, and then adults, the less their income will be. Well, cynicism and greed plus meat-eating makes people less human, that’s a fact.

By keeping your children free of meat, you:

– save them from the use of a truly huge variety of drugs that animals take. By no means of cooking meat can they be removed from the corpses of animals. Taking antibiotics and drugs with meat, the already weak immunity of children simply “turns off”, resistance to drugs appears. More than once there have been cases in children and adults that medicines do not cope with the disease. And increasing the dose is fraught with aggravation of the state of all body systems;

– save their body from irreversible changes due to the use of meat, allow it to develop naturally;

– Prevent hormonal imbalances. This is very important to know, because otherwise you will condemn the children to a very difficult life;

– practically protect yourself and children from problems associated with unmotivated aggression and, moreover, cruelty;

– Provide opportunities for children to show their talents and mental abilities. Outstanding scientists, people of art consume exclusively healthy (read: vegetarian) food!

You should also not limit the power of nature in your mind. She created us in such a way that we successfully live in a dangerous world that is teeming with pathogenic bacteria, attacked by solar radiation, and so on. Do you really think that she did not make sure that the children lived and developed perfectly without meat?! All the demagoguery that the human body unconditionally needs meat is not worth a damn. Otherwise, the entire post-war generation in our country would have grown up mentally and physically handicapped. But our ancestors not only raised the country from ruins, but also built a superpower! This means that it is not children who should listen to you as much as you correctly assimilate the experience of your ancestors.

Parapsychological version

Children are very sensitive to subtle vibrations that they feel everywhere. And strong, consciously unfounded fears, neuroses appear against the background of the use meat information of death INSIDE yourself! It seems that everything is in order, everything is fine, but the child is beating in a panic. He intuitively subconsciously hears the howling of animals, their panicky horror before slaughter, their large tears and the mute question: “for what?”. Slaughterhouses are a place of concentration of the most dangerous information that can cause serious damage to the psyche of not only children, but also adults!

Are you still Worried about the proper development of your children and continue to feed them with meat?! Where is the logic?!

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