Vegetarian dishes of the Middle East

The Arab East has always been famous for the abundance of meat in its national cuisine. Perhaps it is so, however, a vegetarian has something to enjoy when traveling through the authentic Muslim world. Read more boldly if one of the countries of the Middle East is your next destination.

Hot tortillas, served in a large basket, are an essential part of any meal. Pita, as a rule, is broken off with fingers and eaten like pita bread, dipped in various sauces and dishes. The Bedouins have their own kind of bread, which looks very much like Armenian lavash, a delicious whole wheat flatbread -. Baked in a dome-shaped frying pan over an open fire.


Salad with pieces of cheese, tomatoes and onions. In fact, shanklish is the name of the cheese used in this dish. But since this cheese is most often served with tomatoes and onions, its name began to be attributed to the whole dish. Delicious soft cheese gives the salad an incomparable creamy taste.


, also known as . Grape leaves stuffed with rice are an appetizing snack popular throughout the region. Call it whatever you want, but the essential ingredients are vine leaves, rice and spices. Be careful, sometimes meat is added to the filling! It would not be superfluous to clarify what is included in the specific dolma that you want to order.


Get ready for spicy snacks in the east, muhammara is one of them! However, the dish is very tasty in small quantities and sounds great in tandem with falafel, tortillas, cheese and so on.


The basis of Arabic cuisine is ful of beans with spices. It is a very hearty green bean puree and is often served as a breakfast dish. However, it is not the beans themselves that determine the taste of this dish, but the fresh vegetables and seasonings with which they are cooked.


 – a tortilla served with Palestinian cheese and fresh vegetables. Like ful, manakish is a traditional breakfast or snack during the day. Most often, a sauce (a mixture of chopped herbs and roasted sesame seeds) or cream cheese is placed on top of the tortilla. It’s hard to say which tastes better! Definitely worth trying all the variations.


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