Natural alternatives to household chemicals

When choosing products, we carefully try to avoid pesticides, aspartames, sodium nitrates, GMOs and preservatives. Are we so selective in the choice of cleaning products, the remnants of which we breathe and come into contact with the skin? Let’s go over natural substitutes for hazardous chemicals.

Sinks and bathtubs are the very places where soap or mud deposits are constantly formed. Due to the acidic nature of lemon, when touched and rubbed on the surface, it has a degreasing effect. It is this vegetable that is able to restore shine in the bathroom without harming the “ecology” of your home.

It’s high time to say no to acid-colored toilet fluids that smell strongly. Just pour the vinegar over the tank and seat. You can add some baking soda, which will cause a bubbling chemical reaction. Wait for the reaction to subside, rinse.

Brew 3 tea bags per 1 cup of tea, which is then poured into an aerosol can (sprayer). Spray on the mirror, wipe with a newspaper. Voila – clean glass without streaks and chemicals!

The recipe is extremely simple and just as effective! We take 14 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide, 12 tbsp. soda and 1 tsp. liquid baby soap. Mix in a bowl, apply to any surface: floor, closet, chest of drawers, table and so on.

This kind of atomizers often contain petroleum distillates, which are dangerous for the nervous system. Some brands add formaldehyde. The natural alternative: Use microfiber cloths to dust furniture and household surfaces. A mixture of 12 tbsp. white vinegar and 1 tsp. olive oil will allow you to perfectly polish the surface.

Remove bad odor:

• From a plastic container (lunch box) – soak overnight in warm water with soda

• Trash can – add lemon or orange peel

• Cellar, garage – place a plate of chopped onions in the center of the room for 12-24 hours

Sprinkle some salt, squeeze lime juice on top, leave for 2-3 hours. Clean with a metal sponge.

Naturally freshen the air:

• The presence of indoor plants.

• Place a bowl of fragrant dry herbs in the room.

• Boil water with cinnamon or other spices on the stove.

To remove dishes and cutting boards, rub them with vinegar and wash with soap and water.

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