Vegans and honey

While many vegans could honestly share with me the reasons why they don’t eat honey, beekeepers are now making new arguments that could change their minds. As many debates have shown, the answer to the question “Is food like honey good for vegans?” Is on the surface, and this is a view held by many people.

Below you will find arguments that can convince you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them and determine which position is closer to you.

True vegans oppose all forms of animal exploitation, including bees. Beekeeping, like dairy farming, can be exploitative. Thousands, millions of insects die due to human negligence while collecting honey. They are exposed to unnatural living conditions, thereby undermining their immunity, the queen bee also ends up in a harsh prison. Insects are manipulated to increase the amount of honey, antibiotics are used, they light up with sulfur dioxide, their honey is stolen, replacing it with sugar.

Therefore, bee products are not vegan food.

They should be banned as animal products. Just sit down and watch the bees come in and out of the hive, or even open the hive and grab the insect frame. They are happy because they are cared for and protected! Beekeeping can be seen as stealing food from the bees, but it also gives them so much food that it doesn’t bother them.

The queen bee is not at all chained to one hive, she can leave the current hive at any time and start a new one, if she so wishes, no one can stop her. If the bees find a new hive and decide to stay, they are allowed to do so. They love their job. The sympathy between the bees and the beekeeper is mutual, they depend on each other.

Just stop eating honey from really cruel, disrespectful beekeepers, but don’t label everyone and everything. Which one is closer to you? Some% of the bees will attack you when trying to observe. If in a hive with a small number of bees this may not happen (% of those that are very small), then in a large evidence it may not be lucky. Arguments regarding the point of view that it is vegan strongly resemble what is given about cows and milk, about chickens and eggs. In other stages of stiffness, similar arguments can be used to defend sadder foods.

The Queen will not be allowed to fly away, they will catch her and put her where they need to be. Even if it flies away, they are unlikely to survive in the wild. Can you imagine that they have all the queens flying away, who told you that they will fly into the hives? With the same success, they can fly into the forest and into the field.

Then the drones and unnecessary queens are cut out: Kind beekeepers? Yes, many beekeepers have a good character. Unfortunately, this is not an absolute indicator. The meaning of the word vegetarian is contained in the very word, vegetable.

Veganism expands vegetarianism to other areas of being. If in vegetarianism you do not eat animal products, then in veganism you do not eat them at all.

Nectar itself is a vegetable product, with copper everything is a little more complicated. Apparently on this basis, disagreements may appear.

In my opinion honey should not be eaten.

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