Vegan Robin Quivers: “Plant Diet Healed My Body from Cancer”

Radio host Robin Quivers has been cancer-free by undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to remove endometrial cancer last year. Quivers returned to radio this week as Howard Stern’s co-host after rehab.

“I feel amazing,” she told NBC News Oct. 3. “I finally got rid of cancer three or four months ago. I have yet to recover at home after a long treatment. But now I feel very good.”

Quivers, 61, worked from home last year because of a grape-sized tumor in her uterus. She is much better now thanks to her cancer treatment and a vegan diet that helped her shed 36 pounds a few years ago.

Robyn switched to a vegan diet in 2001 and credits her plant-based diet with helping her in her recovery from cancer.

“I went through chemo and radiation therapy with virtually no side effects,” she says. — I saw other people undergoing the same procedures, but my situation was not complicated by other diseases and medicines. In fact, I was staunch (thanks to a vegan diet).”

Quivers, who has been overweight all her life, has a family history of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. She was sure she would fall prey to ill health in her later years, but going vegan changed her life completely.

“My plant-based diet helps the body heal,” she writes in her book Robin’s Vegan Education. I couldn’t believe the difference I saw. I’ve never had such drastic changes in health – not when I was on medication, not when I wore a neck brace, and, of course, they were not when I ate everything. Now I don’t have to plan my life around the disease.”

Robin said she doesn’t encourage everyone to go vegan, but just wants to encourage people to eat more vegetables, no matter what type of food they eat.

“This is not a book that promotes veganism, it encourages people to know, love and understand that vegetables are very, very healthy,” she says. “Cooking vegetables is very fast. It doesn’t take long.”

Quivers says that she now understands that good health is not in pills, and weakness and disease as we age are not our destiny. The best way to ensure optimal health, she says, is to keep track of your diet.  

“I changed my diet and went from someone who couldn’t walk one block to someone who ran a marathon at 58,” says Quivers, who ran the New York City Marathon in 2010. “I don’t think I could have run a marathon at 20.” .

“If you want your body to work the way it should, you need to give it the nutrients it needs. The solution is not in a tablet; it’s in what you eat.”


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