Top 10 Shakespeare’s Best Works

William Shakespeare is rightly called the greatest humanist of the Renaissance. The creative heritage of the great playwright of all time includes 11 tragedies, 17 comedies, 10 historical chronicles, as well as poems and poems. The plays of the English writer reflect different eras and peoples. His works had a huge impact on all European literature. One of the most mysterious creators of the word put the question before mankind: “To be or not to be?”, giving everyone the opportunity to look for the answer themselves. Each of his creations is multifaceted and unique. The author compares the tragic with the comic, sometimes violating the unity of the time of events and place.

The TOP-10 included the most popular and best works of Shakespeare, which are listed below.

10 King Henry IV

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

King Henry IV”opens the top ten works of the great playwright of England. The work is a historical chronicle-dilogy, which describes the political and military events of the 15th century that took place in England. In the center of the plot is King Henry IV, whose coming to power was marked by cardinal changes for the country. In addition to the king, Prince Harry, Sir Henry Percy, as well as one of the most comical characters, the jester knight John Falstaff, are prominent personalities in the chronicle.

9. The Taming of the Shrew

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

The Taming of the Shrew” is one of the most popular comedies by William Shakespeare. In the center of the witty, instructive and funny play is the obstinate and rude girl Katarina. Of the many applicants for suitors, only the young man Petruchio manages to tame the heroine with the help of all sorts of tricks and tricks. Comedy has deep psychologism, and the main idea of ​​the work, which the author wanted to convey to the reader, is that a person does not resist his destiny. Appearance says little about the inner content of human nature, and there is nothing in the secret world that would not become obvious.

8. Romeo and Juliet

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Romeo and Juliet” is the most striking and famous work of the English writer. The tragedy about the high and sincere feelings of teenagers to this day excites the hearts of young readers. The author was able to convey all the tragedy of the events in which the young Romeo and Juliet became participants. To prove the depth of their feelings, young people have to sacrifice their own lives. In all world literature, there is “no sadder story in the world than the story of Romeo and Juliet.”

7. Othello

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Othello” is one of the most popular plays by the master of the pen. In the center of the plot is the commander Othello and the daughter of the Venetian senator Desdemona. The heroes in love get married and end up on the island of Cyprus, where a black commander must serve, and his wife is ready to share his fate. Othello is madly in love with his wife and terribly jealous of her. Passion blinded the husband and seeds of distrust towards his wife sunk into his soul. The hero is sure that Desdemona is cheating on him. His unfounded suspicions lead to a tragic end.

6. Richard III

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Richard III” is one of the greatest historical plays Shakespeare wrote. King Richard of England comes to power IIIwhose reign would not last long. The ruler appears before the reader as one of the most cruel historical figures. The ruling villain is devoid of all morality and is ready to commit more and more murders for the sake of the throne. On the other hand, the cold-blooded killer is presented as an unusually talented person. The historical personality is exaggerated by the writer to a greater extent and has nothing to do with reality.

5. Twelfth Night, or Whatever

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Twelfth Night, or Whatever” is one of Shakespeare’s most hilarious comedies. Events take place in a fictional country, referred to as Illyria. Its ruler Duke Orsino is in love with Countess Olivia and is going to ask for her hand. But the further cycle of events and the appearance of new faces in the play brings confusion into the lives and feelings of the heroes. This happens through the fault of the twins – sister Viola and brother Sebastian, who accidentally end up in the country of Illyria after the shipwreck of their ship. Heroes are waiting for comical situations and incredible discoveries. The writer showed himself in this work as the greatest and witty master of the word.

4. Macbeth

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Macbeth” – the great tragedy of the English playwright, based on the story of King Macbeth of Scotland. This is one of the most sinister and bloodthirsty characters in Shakespeare’s work. The brave Scottish warrior Macbeth, who won many victories in the military field, learns about the prediction from three witches that he is destined to become king. The knight is about to fulfill the prophecy and kills the real King Duncan of Scotland. A shadow of suspicion falls on the heirs of Duncan, who are forced to leave the country. Having realized his cunning plan, Macbeth receives the throne. But the legitimate heirs are not going to give up so easily and are plotting against the wicked ruler.

3. A dream in a summer night

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

A dream in a summer night” is a popular Shakespearean comedy play about love. The work immerses the reader into the world of ancient Athens and the neighboring world of elves. Heroes become victims of the enchanted forest, once in which they do incredible, bizarre and absurd deeds. The juice of a magical flower growing in the forest inspires a person with love for the first person he meets. Amazing transformations and comic misunderstandings take place here, which at the end of the play will be resolved thanks to the king of the elves, Oberon.

2. Король Лир

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Король Лир” is a well-known tragicomedy by the great master of the word about morality. Lear has three daughters between whom he must divide his possessions. The old king asks each of his daughters about their love for him. The older daughters assure their father of their uncomplaining and strong love. When the turn comes to the youngest daughter, she is stingy with words of love. The king did not like this, and then he decides to expel the unloving daughter from the kingdom and deprives her of her inheritance. For rash actions Lear will have to pay. The older offspring show their true colors and leave their father with nothing. Meanwhile, the exiled daughter of the kingdom becomes queen of France. She forgives her father and takes him to her.

1. Hamlet

Top 10 Shakespeares Best Works

Hamlet”- the best of the works of the English playwright, which has received worldwide fame. The tragedy was based on the legend of the Danish ruler. The plot of the play is tied to the fact that the main character Hamlet is eager to find the killer of his father and avenge his death. The tragedy touches on many philosophical topics: the meaning of life and the destiny of man, love and hate, loyalty and betrayal. The hero is deeply disappointed in love, friendship and doubts the rationality of the universe. Hamlet experiences unbearable mental suffering, which becomes one of the reasons for his death.

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