The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

We will have heard it again and again: the abdominal part is the most difficult to work. You will have time to get rid of most of your fat, before your abs decide to take shape.

What they forget to tell us is that all of this is simply the result of the wrong approach. Inadequate exercises, just like a diet that accepts (a little / a lot) deviations are time bombs for the abdominal belt.

Because no matter what you do, bad habits will invariably cancel out good efforts. The slendertone belt offers to partially correct these small misses, by sculpting the abdominals in a few weeks.

Given the popularity of the device, we could not resist the urge to test it. For that, we took the time to analyze the various aspects, and to see what it can really be worth.

The slendertone belt in a few words

The device tempts you, but you have little time to devote to us? We have prepared a summary of its main features for you, which you can consult here.

The specificities of the belt

Here are the points that we were able to note on this belt


The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

Technology used

Exclusive and patented EMS

Supported phases

Echauffement – Refrigeration

Targeted areas


Grand straight – transverse – oblique


Limited life – replaceable


Complementary accessories

Remote controls – arm and buttocks patches

Average usage time



The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

Technology used

Exclusive and patented EMS

Supported phases

Echauffement – Refrigeration

Targeted areas

Grand straight – transverse – oblique


Limited life – replaceable

Complementary accessories

Remote controls – arm and buttocks patches

Average usage time

What do we know about the brand?

We must admit that the solid reputation of Slendertone will have influenced us a lot. The brand, which first stood out in the medical world, made its debut by offering electrostimulation devices for muscle repair and rehabilitation.

If the specialty of Slendertone is therefore to boost damaged tissue, the firm will very quickly put this knowledge to work to make a name for itself in the sports field. Slendertone is above all a brand that seeks to develop the performance of its users.

The first foods marketed made it possible to have a better form, by focusing on the speed of the movements, the strength, or the state of mind during the sport. The integration of slimming devices made sense, and quickly found a buyer.

Its trademark: its famous stimulators which adapt to each part of the body. In the case of the slendertone belt, this technology would have been exploited to its maximum to satisfy. Proof of this is the popularity of the model which is today one of the brand’s best-sellers.

What is the slendertone belt?

The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

Those new to this belt are often intrigued to see that it looks a lot like a classic sheath. The concept is almost the same, but the Slendertone Abs is coupled with an electrostimulation technology, which would tone the belly.

Its use would aim to slim the waist, in addition to sculpting the muscles of the abdominal cavity. It can be defined as a training belt, for mixed use, and can therefore be used by both sexes.

The presence of electrodes sets it apart from competing foods, because the brand relies on a technology that is exclusive to it to “guarantee” its results. For Slendertone, this patented method would therefore be an asset that users can trust.

The model is enjoying a certain popularity on the web, in particular because it is said to be one of the most effective in its category. Slendertone, whose reputation has, in large part, been forged through other abdominal belts, has valued its experience and know-how on this product.

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How does it work ?

The Slendertone Abs7 works quite simply. If you refer to the user manual, it is imperative to follow the recommendations concerning the placement of the electrodes. It would be enough to put the main cathode on the navel so that the rest can adjust.

The device, which is connected to a remote control, activates and uses the muscles of the abdominal wall. These are contracted and released at certain frequencies and intensity, causing “deep and targeted” work on the belly.

If its action would thus solicit muscle mass, it would mainly cause the melting of adipose tissue.

This video summarizes its functions

They would also be the first targets of the belt, which acts to free the abdominal part of the unsightly bulges.

The silicone pucks in which the electrodes are concealed grip the skin, and would activate an effective slimming process in less than 4 weeks.

Everything goes through the nerves

For the electrostimulation to be effective, the slendertone belt would send a signal just perceptible enough for the nerves to initiate the contraction of the muscles. The process would happen naturally, without the user having to initiate the action on their own.

The process would be just strong enough for the body to react. However, it would remain light enough so that the user does not feel discomfort while wearing it. If the manufacturer recommends a use limited to a few minutes per day, some Internet users do not hesitate to extend their sessions.

What does the slendertone abs 7 belt promise?

A first analysis of the product allowed us to understand what it promised. At this point, we can say that this belt seems to multiply the benefits. The manufacturer puts forward shocking arguments to seduce.

But not only. The testimonials are also in its favor, because bloggers and average Internet users multiply the positive opinions which make you want to get started without further question. With this belt, we could theoretically:

  • Get rid of abdominal and visceral fat in a few days
  • Develop chocolate bars in 4 weeks
  • Optimizing sports results very quickly
  • Use it with ease, while vacating our daily activities
  • Benefit from a deep and lasting action

The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

Its characteristics in detail

It would not be very useful to continue talking about this sheath, without detailing its main characteristics. The brand will not have skimped on the means to make the belt as attractive as possible.

The special abdo belt is equipped with:

  • About ten toning programs, 3 of which are adapted to sports
  • Proprietary and patented technology, offering a minimum 2-year warranty
  • 150 intensity levels, optimizing results for each session
  • An activity equivalent to 120 abdominals for an average session of 20 minutes
  • Automatic progression, including phases relating to warm-up, but also to cooling
  • A thorough action, targeting all the muscles of the abdominal cavity, including the obliques, transverse, and rectus abdominis
  • Replaceable electrodes for long term efficiency
  • Targeted abdominal work for a flat stomach in 30 days
  • A unisex design, ideal for couples
  • An adjustable size from 69 cm to 119cm
  • A rechargeable remote control, compatible with the belt, but also with additional accessories
  • 7 programs adaptable to user level
  • Electrode technology tested and clinically recognized

Programs for defined goals

This overview of its specificities has shown us that the slendertone belt is not a device thought out lightly. The presence of a dozen programs informs about the brand’s desire to offer the most efficient model possible.

In these trainings, there are 3 actions intended to support during sports practice. These preselections would therefore be recommended so that caloric expenditure during exercise is maximized.

We can also think that they “rectify” the movements by amplifying them.

The remaining 7 programs would therefore be developed to meet the expectations of the various users. Beginners, as well as seasoned athletes, will find practical and relevant training supplements.

A wide range of intensity

The variety of intensities offered is one of the advantages that many Internet users recognize. The slendertone model would therefore have a wide range of stimuli, which would allow everyone to find the range or ranges that suit them.

These intensity levels would go from the least marked to the highest, opting for a smooth progression. The customization of the process would thus be based on the tolerance of each profile, and could very well be configured in such a way that you get used to it little by little.

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This range of intensity would not only allow the device to be configured as needed. It would also help “adjust” calorie expenditure to match the results you are looking for during your workouts.

Slendertone demonstrates a pragmatism that is already found on many of its devices. For users, this would therefore amount to using an accessory that accentuates the effort, without having the feeling of “suffering” to refine the silhouette.

The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

Our discovery of the device

Our analysis continues with a more in-depth discovery of the device. In this part, we are going to expand on the impression that the slendertone belt left us. We will also talk about what we have seen by detailing its different aspects.

A fairly flat design

The sight of prototypes on the web initially surprised us. I personally think the brand has done a really good job tweaking the look of their hip belt. The look of this new generation sheath is both very sober and elegant.

For me, this element alone justifies, in large part, its price. This opinion is easy to explain: the design is so thin that it could give the feeling of not wearing anything. Only the contractions that its activation generates could therefore recall its presence.

It doesn’t seem difficult to slip it under our clothes and wear it outside the house. For us, however, the biggest challenge would be to resolve to wear clothes loose enough to facilitate camouflage.

A sometimes cumbersome remote control

We can not deny the fact that slendertone records a little miss with its remote control which can sometimes be cumbersome.

For those who do not like to hold accessories during sport or just during other activities, it can be disturbing to have to hold this addition.

Although the remote fits in one hand, it will still be required if you are looking to change your belt settings while in use.

A nearby pocket would therefore not be too much, and would limit the discomfort that one can feel during difficult situations.

It is however pleasant to note that this remote control is also detachable… and that it can be connected to the accessories which supplement the device! The gadget manages to become essential, by simplifying the handling of additional elements.

The simplicity of its handling could well confirm this impression. Indeed, the remote control only has the essential keys, which makes handling uncomplicated.

Even people who are unfamiliar with this type of device would have no trouble using it.

Electrodes not always practical

The short lifespan of the electrodes is of concern. Indeed, the market does not lack of references equipped with long-lasting electrodes. These models, which require little additional costs, are major competitors for the machine.

Slendertone however assumes this low longevity, and justifies it by holding performance. You guessed it: replacing the cathodes on a regular basis would therefore affect the results you will obtain in the long term.

If the belt is used every day, its electrodes will therefore have to be changed every 20 days to 1 month. This feature does not seem to us to be what most enhances the capabilities of the device.

To be profitable, the slendertone sheath therefore involves… spending.

Although the value of the electrodes is relatively affordable, the total cost can quickly exceed that of the device. It would therefore be essential to consider this additional cost, especially if you plan to use the belt for a long time.

In-depth action

The reputation of this prototype was built on its ability to act in depth. The work of the muscles, which is initiated by the stimulation, does not only concern the superficial masses.

The belt would promote activity of all layers of skin, as well as the most encrusted fat.

This solicitation would therefore be complete. The role of the belt is therefore not limited to activating this part of the body. It would also be to develop the resistance of the abdominal cavity, and to structure its maintenance.

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The process, which is done slowly, would bring out the musculature, while refining the waist. The goal: to obtain a firm and flat stomach after 4 weeks. It seems that the device can also be used with accessories that will act on other parts of the body.

The buttocks, arms, thighs or even the face, the devices developed by Slendertone would improve the results of the abdominal belt. The action of the machine would also help limit the risk of yoyoing.

This video will give you an overview of the testimonials collected by the brand

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the slendertone belt?

The slendertone belt has conquered its public thanks to arguments that encourage confidence:


  • The number of programs allows any user to find the settings that correspond to him
  • 3 programs can accompany you during the sport, in order to maximize the results
  • Its unisex design allows for use by the greatest number
  • The wide intensity range makes it easy to select a mode that is comfortable and pleasant for the user
  • The results are quick, and are seen after 8 days for the lucky ones
  • The choice of a multi-use remote control makes it possible to multiply the accessories, while keeping a single control center
  • Its action targets chocolate bars, but also obliques and transverse ones, for a complete and efficient ripening.
  • It is suitable for women who are looking for an abs sculptor after pregnancy

We have also retained some disadvantages

The inconvenients

Despite these good points, the device also has some drawbacks:

  • Electrodes must be changed regularly, generating additional costs
  • The remote control can be cumbersome

User reviews of the slendertone belt

Most of the users are quite happy with this belt. Many of them testify to its efficiency and ease of use.

Neophytes who have not used other models of belts before are particularly receptive to his arguments.

They note, however, that the belt is not a miracle product, and that the work is difficult to be successful in certain situations.

We note, for example, the case of people who have not changed anything in their eating habits, or who rely on the sole activity of the device to refine.

Overall, the feedback remains fairly positive, and suggests that the slendertone belt knows how to keep its promises.

To learn more about user reviews, click here.

The competitors of the slendertone belt

The benchmark refining tool on the market has competitors who are not lacking in imagination to try to distract its ardent followers. Two models will have caught our attention.

Le Slendertone Abs5

The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

From the same brand, the Abs5 is a device with similar technology. The results are however slower to appear, as they would only be visible after 6 weeks.

The Abs5 also has 10 training programs, and a warm-up phase.

If the device also opts for a cooling system and automatic progression, it only retains 130 intensity ranges. As with our reference model, the warranty period extends over 2 years.


  • Advanced EMS technology
  • 10 training programs
  • Warm-up phase
  • 130 intensity ranges

Check price

ACTOPP EMS lap belt

The slendertone belt: we test for you – Happiness and health

This second competitor comes from the ACTOPP brand, and has an ultramodern appearance. The device no longer takes the form of a belt, but of a patch that sticks to the abdomen. Complements to put on the arms are also present.

This abdominal belt offers a very simple remote control, which only allows you to increase or reduce the intensities.

The inconvenients

  • Only covers major rights

Check price

Our conclusion

The slendertone abdominal belt is essential as a very useful accessory to overcome stubborn fat.

The performance of the device is a strong assistant to your sports exercises, just as it could help you to optimize the exercises outside of training.

The sessions of use are simple and do not require special conditions to start. The device easily adapts to all types of users, whether experienced athletes or beginners.

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