The healing power of singing

It takes not much and not little – to allow yourself to sing. This attitude fully reflects the most important steps on the way to a healthy attitude – to love yourself unconditionally and completely, to allow yourself to be. Vocal training is largely a system of images, associations, subtle sensations at the level of the body and psyche. Keep this in mind when doing technical exercises.

Imagine: allowing yourself to sing, you allow your natural voice to come out, give yourself the opportunity to express yourself. Your natural sound comes from within, from the very depth it begins to heal you. Clamps are scary. The process of learning vocals is a process of liberation from internal mental and physical clamps that prevent your voice from sounding fully and freely. Listen, to sing means to be freed. We give our body release through singing. We give our soul liberation through singing.

Music is a collection of sound waves. The psychological state of a person is affected by the frequency of sound and the frequency of its repetition. Sound, responding in a person, creates certain images, experiences. Sound or music must be taken seriously and consciously – they can cause a strong emotional reaction or even change the psychological state of a person.

Breathing is at the heart of the energy of the body. Breathing is the basis of singing. A lot of spiritual practices, physical activity are based on proper healthy breathing. To sing means to control your breathing, to be friends with it, to saturate every cell of the body with oxygen. When your vocal practice is constant, the body begins to work differently – you breathe more often with a diaphragm than with your lungs. Believe me, the world is starting to change.

Among the Ancient peoples, the main idea of ​​the impact of music on a person was the restoration of harmony in the psyche and body of a person through the harmony of music. Aristotle studied the laws of music and discovered the modes leading to a change in the mental state of a person. In ancient Greece, they treated disorders of the nervous system by playing the trumpet, and in ancient Egypt, choral singing was considered a cure for various diseases. Bell ringing in Rus’ was considered a means of cleansing and restoring health, including the state of the human psyche.

Sing and love yourself in this music, in the music of your soul.

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