«The guy pays rent for an apartment and does not know that she is mine»

When a couple rents an apartment, it is not uncommon for the men to bear the rent. So it happened in this story — only the young man did not even realize that during the year the money for housing went into the pocket of his girlfriend, since the apartment actually belonged to her.

The heroine of the story herself told about this — she published the corresponding video on TikTok. In it, the girl admitted that she came up with a “brilliant” business plan, thanks to which she earned money from her own apartment for a year, in which she lived with a guy.

When the lovers decided to move in together, the girl offered to live with her, but clarified that she was renting an apartment. Her chosen one was not embarrassed, and he said that he would pay the rent himself. To which the narrator, of course, happily agreed.

During the year, the guy regularly paid not only rent, but also all utility bills. At the time of the release of the video, he did not know about the deception of his beloved. The girl herself said that she had owned this housing for five years and that the guy had been paying her for the rent of her own apartment all this year.

According to the published video, we can conclude that the heroine of the story does not at all repent of her act. In the caption to the video, she asked the subscribers: “Do you think he will be angry when he finds out?”

The video has already received over 2,7 million views. The opinions of the audience about this recognition were divided: someone condemned, and someone praised the girl for her resourcefulness.

To most, the act seemed rather low:

  • «It is not right. You are just using it. Poor guy»
  • «It’s mean»
  • «That’s why I won’t live with a girl until she takes my last name»
  • «Keep your strength in case karma catches up with you»

Others believe that the girl did everything right, because she financially invested in this apartment:

  • “I don’t see a problem, he would still need to pay rent”
  • “Do you really think that she just keeps all the money? Like she doesn’t have to pay mortgage, insurance and taxes.»
  • “This is an investment in the future if you disperse, a kind of compensation for the time”

One way or another, lying in a relationship is unlikely to ever lead to good consequences. One can only guess how the partner of the narrator will perceive her revelations.

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