Man skips wife’s birth due to fast food cravings

During childbirth, the support of a man is necessary for many women. However, not everyone seems to understand this. So, the beloved of the heroine of our story considered that eating fast food is much more important than being with his wife at a crucial moment. He had to pay for this…

A resident of the UK made a video on TikTok in which she told how her partner left her alone during childbirth to eat at McDonald’s.

The woman was to endure a caesarean section, but even before the operation, the man said that he needed to leave. Soon he returned with fast food, which he began to eat right next to her, which was already extremely unpleasant for the narrator, because she was also hungry, but she was forbidden to eat before the operation.

After finishing a hearty meal, the man went to the rest room and there … fell asleep. While he, having eaten, slept, the heroine of the story underwent surgery and gave birth to a child — instead of a partner, the British father was present at the birth. According to the woman, she could not forgive such behavior and eventually decided to part with the father of the child who loves to eat.

The video scored 75,2 thousand views. Commentators mostly supported the young mother and even talked about how they themselves found themselves in a similar situation. So, one girl wrote: “Mine didn’t even bother to come to the hospital.” And another said: “My partner fell asleep on the couch when I went into labor. I tried to wake him up, but to no avail. I threw a hair dryer at him and only then did he wake up.”

Meanwhile, this is not the only case when the love of food ruined the relationship. Earlier, one of the users of the site Reddit published a post that her husband eats all the products in the house, thereby «putting their marriage at risk.»

The woman said that her husband behaves selfishly and eats everything she cooks right away — without leaving her a single piece. At the same time, he does not help cook and does not even go shopping.

“Most likely, everything comes from childhood: I’m used to sharing and never taking the last piece, but my husband’s is different — he was allowed to eat everything and in any quantity, so now his motto in life is “food should be eaten, not stored” ” , said the narrator.

Many readers responded to the post, mostly they shared the opinion of the author and sympathized with her. “Your husband won’t even admit there is a problem, so just stop buying him food or hide it, and maybe then he will reflect on his behavior,” one commenter recommended.

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