The Best CC Face Creams of 2022
At the moment, there are dozens of types of cosmetics that help even out the tone of the face and give the skin a natural beauty. CC cream is one of them.

CC cream belongs to the category of tonal products, which can not only hide skin imperfections, but also carefully care for it. The multifunctional tool perfectly adapts to the tone of the face, gives the skin a healthy glow, protects against UV rays, and also fights pigmentation and post-acne. The main task of such a cream is a high-quality alignment of the tone of the face, with the help of useful and caring components in the composition.

Together with an expert, we have prepared a ranking of the best face CC creams of 2022. How it differs from the usual foundation and how to choose the most suitable for your skin – read our material.

What is CC Cream

At the moment, cosmetics manufacturers offer a large number of decorative products. As soon as we learned the name of the BB cream, a new product arrived – CC cream. It was created in 2010 in Singapore, the idea was quickly picked up in Korea and around the world. How does the tool differ from other corrective products and what is its advantage?

Cosmetologists and beauty bloggers who test numerous cosmetic products claim that this cream is a universal product and has its own unique features. CC cream translates as Color Control / Correcting Cream – its purpose is to cover skin imperfections (minor irritations, acne, peeling). Due to the liquid texture, the cream is easy to apply and evenly falls on the skin of the face – from this it follows that the product is suitable even for a problematic type. Unlike the same BB cream, the color palette of the CC cream is more diverse. In addition, you can mix the cream with a regular moisturizer – this way it is better distributed on dry and very light / dark skin.

Editor’s Choice

Lumene SS cream

Lumene CC Cream with Sunflower Seed Extract is ideal for any skin type, and will also relieve inflammation and provide a healthy glow. The tool fills the layers of the epidermis with vitamins, hides various kinds of redness, quickly adjusts to the natural color and evens out the skin of the face, making it soft and velvety. It should be noted that the composition does not include parabens and artificial preservatives.

Light creamy structure serves as a base for make-up and acts as a concealer. Also, the cream prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet rays thanks to the protection of SPF20.

Light texture, does not clog pores, 5 color shades, no parabens, economical consumption, pleasant fragrance
Unstable, leaves traces, emphasizes peeling, gives oily sheen
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Rating of the top 10 best CC creams according to KP

1. Bielita Hydro Effect CC Cream SPF15

Soft toning and moisturizing throughout the day will provide a budget CC-cream Hydro effect from Bielita. The composition contains macadamia and shea butter (shea butter) – they effectively soothe and moisturize the skin of the face. The active complex of components evens out the tone, reduces signs of skin fatigue, and also gives the face a rested and radiant look.

The tool can be used in the autumn-winter period, but it should be borne in mind that it is advisable to apply it 1-2 hours before going outside to prevent peeling. SPF-15 protection factor.

Long-lasting hydration, visibly evens out the tone of the face, does not dry, light texture, does not roll
Does not hide imperfections, uneven application
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2. Librederm Seracin CC-cream

Creams from Librederm are pharmacy cosmetics and specialize in skin treatment – this CC cream is no exception. The active ingredient is seracin, a special component that controls the secretion of sebum at the cellular level and gives the skin a natural glow.

The CC cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and velvety. This tool is optimally suited for oily skin – it qualitatively fights inflammation, dries acne and subtly masks them.

Mattifies well, evens out tone, light and airy texture, long-lasting hydration
Specific fragrance, lack of shades, wet finish
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3. Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream SPF15

A popular tool hides skin imperfections, is well applied and does not give a sticky effect. Includes 3 corrective pigments: peach color provides a healthy look, green fights pigmentation, and white masks dark circles under the eyes. Also, the composition contains white tea extract – it tones and deeply nourishes the skin.

The cream is presented in several shades, from which you can choose the most suitable for the tone of the face. The product has an SPF15 sun protection factor.

Wide range of shades, easy to spread, long-lasting, adapts well to skin tone
Emphasizes peeling, not suitable for dry skin, uneconomical consumption
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4. Holy Land Age Defense CC Cream SPF 50

CC cream with foundation from the Israeli brand Holy Land is suitable for women aged 30 and older. The composition of this tool includes a complex of vitamins C and E, extracts of plantain and green tea. Thanks to such a useful cocktail, the elasticity and tone of the skin increase, the tone of the face brightens, age spots disappear and cell renewal is stimulated.

The cream is presented in two shades: light and dark. It has an airy texture, light coverage and a natural radiant finish. When distributed, the product blends well with the skin tone, and also fills in irregularities and wrinkles. Thanks to the sun protection factor SPF50, the cream can be used even in active sunlight.

High sun protection factor, natural coverage, depigmenting effect, improves skin density and elasticity
Gives oily sheen, uneconomical consumption, absorbed for a long time
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5. Uriage Roseliane CC Cream SPF 30

The hypoallergenic formula of the CC cream is designed for gentle care of sensitive skin. The composition contains thermal water and ginseng extract – they are responsible for moisturizing and softening the epidermis, as well as increase skin elasticity, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and minimize the visibility of dilated capillaries.

The cream has a liquid, loose texture, it is easily distributed over the face and does not emphasize peeling. The product has a sun protection factor SPF30.

Hypoallergenic composition, reduces the visibility of capillaries, does not add oily sheen, does not dry, pleasant fragrance, long-lasting moisturizing
Not suitable for fair skin, one shade, takes a long time to absorb
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6. Welcos Color Change CC cream Blemish Blam SPF25

This product is an unusual result of the synthesis of BB and CC creams. Welcos Color Change not only hides skin imperfections, but also fully tones it. Collagen and phytosqualane are responsible for moisturizing, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin, and aloe extract will have a calming and tonic effect for a long time.

The texture of the cream is quite dense, but it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It also has SPF25 sun protection.

Tones the skin, gives elasticity, rejuvenating effect, pleasant fragrance, prevents acne, long-lasting moisturizing
Does not adapt to skin tone, not suitable for oily skin, dense texture
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7. Aravia Multifunctional CC Moisturizer SPF20

Aravia Professional CC Cream performs several functions at once. The active ingredient is glycerin, which qualitatively fights the signs of premature skin aging. In addition to evening out the tone and masking imperfections, the cream properly cares for the skin of the face due to the high content of shea butter.

The product has a light and airy texture that does not clog pores and does not make the skin feel heavy. CC-cream is compatible with all types of dermis, and is additionally endowed with protection against UV rays SPF20 and other adverse external influences.

Light texture, complex protection, mattifies, evens out tone, masks imperfections
Uneconomical consumption, not suitable for dark skin, does not cover freckles and age spots
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8. La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Crème

La Roche Posay CC cream is designed for daily care and effective masking of imperfections. The composition includes many useful components: ambophenol, shea butter, warthog extract, vitamin E and mineral pigments – they strengthen the walls of capillaries, soften and nourish the skin of the face, and also have a calming and antiseptic effect.

The tool is available in the only universal shade with a peach undertone – it effectively evens out the tone and fights age spots. The manufacturer claims that with prolonged use of the CC cream, the condition of the epidermis improves and signs of skin sensitivity are eliminated. UV protection factor SPF30.

Light texture, pleasant floral fragrance, does not clog pores, evens out the tone of the face, economical consumption
Not suitable for fair skin, does not cover spots enough, emphasizes peeling, does not spread well
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9. Farmstay Formula All In One Galactomyces CC крем

Multifunctional CC cream is positioned as an anti-aging. The composition of the product includes yeast, as well as vitamins A, B, P – they provide lifting, smoothing fine wrinkles and effective moisturizing. The product perfectly copes with the overlap of imperfections, pigmentation, wrinkles and skin irregularities.

The light texture of the cream contains colored micro-beads that change color when applied and precisely adjust to the skin tone. A high SPF 50 filter will allow you to stay in the sun for a long time.

High protection against UV rays, evens out tone, does not tighten the skin, long-lasting hydration, quickly absorbed
Not suitable for dark or tanned skin, clogs pores, uneven application
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10. Erborian Perfect Radiance CC Cream

Thanks to the two-tone shade palette, it’s easy to choose the right Erborian CC Cream. The active ingredient is glycerin — it ideally nourishes and retains moisture on the skin for a long time. Also, the composition includes silicone that smoothes wrinkles, Asian centella prevents the appearance of signs of skin aging, and citrus extract tones the skin, preventing redness and inflammation.

Light texture evenly falls on the face, adapts to the skin tone as much as possible and is quickly absorbed. SPF30 protects against UV rays.

Economical consumption, useful components in the composition, evens out the tone, good coverage, does not dry, long-lasting moisturizing
Not suitable for combination skin, very dark shades, specific fragrance, short shelf life
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How to choose a CC cream

Unlike foundation, CC cream is suitable for all skin types. The only exception is severe irritation and allergies – here cosmetologists advise special care products. How to choose it correctly?

Our expert also recommends paying attention to the presence of kojic acid. This substance whitens the skin. If you have just returned from vacation, give preference to other means – otherwise you may get the effect of a “white mask”, when the whole body is tanned, but the face is not.

In addition, do not worry if the purchased CC cream does not cover imperfections well. Its main task is to mask minor irritations, for the rest there are dense tonal means. CC-cream is ideal for girls with thin skin of the eyelids – thanks to its soft, almost weightless texture, it is possible to hide veins, dark circles, and small acne.

Popular questions and answers

We decided to look into the case Anna Trofimycheva – professional make-up artist. She not only perfectly sees the difference between foundations, but also knows how to apply CC cream correctly.

What is CC cream?

In fact, this is a kind of foundation. But due to moisturizing and tonic components, it can be attributed to care products. CC cream is an excellent “base” for make-up, I recommend it to girls with oily skin – it mattifies, hides imperfections and even visually tightens the face.

Is it necessary to use CC cream every time you apply makeup?

The choice is yours! A properly selected product with a good composition will not cause any harm to the skin. Moreover, many have UV protection, if you are going for a walk – apply CC cream, it will protect the delicate skin around the eyes. And this is a warning of early wrinkles!

What secrets can you share with KP readers? Is it better to apply CC cream with fingers, brush or sponge?

Of course, in my work I use all the tools. But I noticed a long time ago that if you apply CC cream with a brush or sponge, the consumption is much higher. The reason is that the tool, for the most part, is liquid: it settles between the hairs of the brush, clogged into the spongy surface of the sponge. In addition, the fingers feel the skin better. Do you want a light effect? Apply CC cream like this.

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