The Best Whitening Face Creams of 2022
Whitening face cream solves many problems – from teenage freckles to age spots. We can say that the tool will be useful at any age. We tell you how to choose the right one

With age, dark spots on the face appear more often – this is the result of hyperpigmentation, which does not harm health, but causes external discomfort. The accumulation of melanin in different areas of the skin can be associated with the action of ultraviolet rays, hormonal changes, stress and age-related factors. Whitening cream is a universal remedy – it regulates and completely suppresses the production of melanin by the body, penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis, and also renews skin cells and restores them.

The production of whitening creams is carried out by many, but East Asia is the leader – Koreans and Japanese women have always strived for a light and velvety skin tone. We present to your attention a review of the best whitening face creams of 2022 according to Healthy Food Near Me.

Editor’s Choice

MI&KO Chamomile & Lemon Whitening Night Face Cream

Cream from a manufacturer with a wide spectrum of action without mineral oils and artificial fragrances. The product contains useful ingredients: chamomile, lemon and lactic acid, which not only lighten age spots and freckles, but also partially remove dilated skin capillaries. The main advantage of the cream is its natural and rich composition, which includes various extracts of medicinal plants, and they, in turn, penetrate the layers of the epidermis and prevent the production of melanin.

The cream has a delicate and light texture, but it is recommended to apply it before bedtime. The manufacturer notes that it is necessary to use the product for a long time, so the result will become more noticeable, age spots and freckles will brighten, and the skin tone will gradually even out.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Natural composition, quickly absorbed, effective whitening, light texture, economical consumption
Specific pharmacy fragrance, no SPF protection, small volume
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Ranking of the top 10 best whitening face creams according to KP

1. Achromin Whitening Face Cream with UV Filters

Achromin whitening cream is recommended by many pharmacists even during pregnancy – there is no strong effect on health, although arbutin is present in the composition. The active ingredients are lactic acid and a diverse complex of vitamins. Also, the composition contains SPF filters that can protect the skin from soft rays and the appearance of freckles.

The manufacturer claims that the cream is suitable for any skin type, and is also intended not only for the face, but also for the neck and décolleté. It has a light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. The time of application can be both during the day and at night before bedtime. The product is packaged in a pleasing dusty rose package.

Advantages and disadvantages:

No age restrictions, suitable for pregnancy, light texture, quickly absorbed, wide application area, there is UV protection
Specific fragrance, gives a greasy sheen and a sticky feeling, clogs pores
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2. Vitex Ideal Whitening

All the attention in Ideal Whitening cream is given to squalane (squalene) – caring oil. It is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores. At the same time, the component smoothes the skin, fills it with moisture. A citric acid whitening formula is also present, although some question its merit. If you are looking for a skin care product with a light brightening effect, this cream will suit you. For the treatment of pigmentation and acne, you should look at something else.

The composition contains petroleum jelly and other heavy components that give a greasy sheen to the skin. The manufacturer notes that it is advisable to apply the cream before bedtime. The product has a light texture and a pleasant fragrance. Suitable for both oily and combination skin.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Effective moisturizing, light brightening effect, economical consumption, pleasant fragrance, evens out complexion
Parabens and alcohol in the composition, does not eliminate pigmentation, not suitable for dry skin, dries the skin
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3. RCS Snow Skin Whitening Day Face Cream

Snow Skin by RCS is based on niacinamide and arbutin – these components allow you to whiten even pronounced age spots. The composition also contains antioxidants, vitamins and emollient – it is responsible for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The cream is recommended for day care, but it is also suitable as a vitamin mask for the night. When applying, avoid the area around the eyes, as redness and irritation is possible.

The texture of the cream is of medium density and is easily distributed – only 2-3 peas are enough for the face. To maintain the effect, the manufacturer recommends using the cream in courses with breaks of 1-2 months. The smell, like all pharmacy cosmetics, is specific.

Advantages and disadvantages:

High whitening effect; suitable for daily use; economical consumption
Chemical composition, not suitable for permanent use, specific fragrance
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4. Himalaya Herbals Face Cream

Himalaya Herbals brightening face cream based on natural ingredients, perfectly copes with whitening and has a mattifying effect. The active ingredients are niacinamide, vitamin E and saffron extract – together they regulate the production of melanin and relieve skin pigmentation. The benefits include the fact that the cream can be applied to the area around the eyes – the product visibly brightens dark circles under the eyes.

The product has a light texture and oily consistency, so it is perfect for skin prone to dryness. For maximum effect, the manufacturer recommends applying the cream twice a day.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Large volume, natural composition, long-lasting moisturizing, good whitening effect, economical consumption
Specific herbal fragrance, an individual allergic reaction is possible
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5. Before and After Face Whitening Cream

This cream is not so much whitening as nourishing – due to the content of vitamin E, age spots become less by 15-20%. In addition, the composition contains avocado, shea and olive oils, which provide nutrition and long-term hydration in the autumn-winter period. Among the benefits, it is worth highlighting the presence of the SPF 20 factor – it will protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and the appearance of freckles at any time of the year.

The product is saturated with herbal beneficial ingredients that have a smoothing and toning effect, even out the tone and texture of the skin. The manufacturer recommends using the product twice a day for maximum results.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Effectively nourishes and moisturizes, large volume, there is a sun protection factor SPF20, economical consumption, quickly absorbed
Specific fragrance, no quick whitening effect
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6. Natura Siberica White Whitening Face Day Cream SPF 30

Natura Siberica is a brightening daytime skincare cream. The active ingredients are arctic cloudberry, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – they are responsible for effective skin whitening and moisturizing, while turmeric has an antibacterial and drying effect. It is worth noting the natural basis of the product – there are no parabens, sulfates and silicone in the composition.

The texture of the cream is thick but absorbs quickly. The product has a high degree of sun protection – SPF30. Due to the presence of extracts of Siberian berries, it is better to store the product in the refrigerator – this way the useful properties of the cream last longer.

Advantages and disadvantages:

High protection factor SPF 30, good matting effect, pleasant berry fragrance, natural composition, high-quality whitening effect
Uneconomical consumption, inconvenient dispenser, gives a greasy sheen
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7. Secret Key Snow White Cream

Secret Key Snow White Cream is a Korean product with brightening properties. The active ingredient is niacinamide – the remedy copes well with freckles, age spots and post-acne. The glycerin included in the composition is able to retain moisture for a long time and nourish the skin with useful components. But, it is worth noting that allantoin and alcohol are present in the composition – this cream can harm owners of dry skin. The product is characterized by a dense texture and long absorption – it is better to apply it at night before going to bed. Suitable for all skin types and has no age restrictions. There is no spatula for application, you have to work with your fingers. Does not protect from the sun.

Advantages and disadvantages:

High brightening properties, suitable for any age, economical consumption, pleasant fragrance
Not recommended for daytime use, dense texture, no spatula included, no SPF filter
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8 Mizon Allday shield fit white Tone up cream

Due to its beneficial properties, Tone up cream from Mizon is suitable for both sensitive and problem skin. Its brightening formula with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid effectively eliminates age spots, evens out and brightens the tone, and also protects and fights imperfections. In addition to the declared components, the product contains a whole range of herbs – extracts of tea tree, lavender, Centella asiatica and other plants that provide the skin with essential vitamins.

The cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed, but for the best effect, the product must be rubbed in. The product belongs to anti-aging cosmetics and is more suitable for combating age-related pigment spots.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Good whitening effect, pleasant herbal fragrance, compact, economical consumption
Small volume, dries the skin, no UV protection
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9. Bergamo Moselle Whitening EX Whitening Cream

Cream Bergamo from a Korean manufacturer not only evens out the tone of the face, but also rejuvenates the skin. The active ingredient niacinamide effectively brightens the skin, and vitamin B3 blocks the appearance of new pigmentation and renews cells. Olive leaf and chamomile extracts tone the skin, tighten pores, increase elasticity and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The cream is designed for all skin types and perfectly fights age-related changes. Suitable for night and day use equally, as it is well absorbed. It is worth avoiding contact with the eyelids and lips: allantoin, which is part of it, can cause burning and discomfort.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Excellent whitening effect, many nutritional extracts in the composition, pleasant fragrance, economical consumption, quickly absorbed
Lack of SPF filters, inconvenient method of application, an individual allergic reaction is possible
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10. Kora Phytocosmetics Cream for Freckles and Age Spots

-made Kora whitening cream with effective skin care properties is designed to brighten and correct skin tone. The active ingredients are vitamin C, glycerin and urea, and there are no parabens and sulfates in the composition. After prolonged use, the number of mimic wrinkles decreases, pigmentation decreases, and the skin becomes lighter, softer and toned.

The consistency of the cream is thick and spreads easily without giving the skin a feeling of heaviness. The manufacturer recommends applying the product at night before going to bed, noting that the effect of moisturizing and nourishing persists for a long time. The product is suitable for all skin types and is also intended for use on the neck and décolleté.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Pleasant fragrance, no age restrictions, delicate texture, convenient dispenser, economical consumption
No rapid whitening effect, no UV protection, takes a long time to absorb
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How to choose a whitening face cream

First, study the composition. The same niacinamide is not suitable for adolescents, but in adulthood it is indispensable. Acids are not safe for dry skin, but citrus oils are useful for anyone who suffers from quickly appearing and increasing pigmentation. The component is natural, therefore it is allowed even during pregnancy!

Secondly, choose the most convenient application time. Whitening creams are divided into day and night creams: the latter contain more nutrients, but often feel like a mask. In order for the skin to breathe while walking, working and doing household chores, choose lighter textures. Korean women recommend mists, but they are not cheap, because of the original components they are not suitable for everyone.

Thirdly, pay attention to the presence of SPF filters. In order for the product not only to work, but also to prevent the appearance of new spots, it must have a sun protection factor. White girls are recommended SPF 35-50, with light tan and rare exposure to the sun SPF 15-30.

What should be included

Popular questions and answers

Answered our questions Veronica Kim (aka Nicky Macaleen) – beauty blogger, Korean by origin. It was interesting for us to learn almost “first hand” about bleaching agents: how to choose and apply. After all, oriental girls know a lot about beautiful fair skin!

On what parameters do you recommend choosing a whitening face cream?

I advise you to take into account the age factor and skin type. Be sure to look at the instructions and the composition of the cream. Usually on the packaging it is always written for what age and skin the cream is intended. And most importantly, the composition was natural.

Is there a difference between Korean and European whitening cream, in your opinion?

There is no cardinal difference. But I would choose Korean brands, because in Korea there is a cult of white skin, which means that they know from their own experience how to solve this problem.

How to use a whitening cream so that your face does not turn into a mask?

Apply preferably at night. But if you suddenly apply during the day, then in a thin layer, spread it well along the edges and be sure to use a foundation with sun protection or sunscreen on top.

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