Stop Tolerating It: Questions And Comments Vegans Are Getting Annoyed With

Jenny Liddle, former trustee of The Vegan Society:

“Where do you get protein? Oh, but you can’t get it like that! You can’t eat this, there’s cow juice in here! It must be really hard being a vegan. I couldn’t go vegan – I love bacon and cheese too much! I’m almost vegan – I only eat chicken once a week! But what happens if you stay in the desert and you can only eat your camel? But lions eat meat!

These comments are annoying because they show a complete lack of understanding of my own point of view and lack of respect. They are also very weary because you hear them over and over again. It seems acceptable to say these things, even though veganism is a protected belief. It’s basically mocking someone else for having a different point of view.”

Lauren Regan-Ingram, Account Manager:

“But plants also have feelings, and you eat them, so you should just eat meat.”

Becky Smile, Account Manager:

“But we’ve been eating meat for centuries, which is why we have fangs” and “I love animals, but going vegan is too extreme.” The meat industry is also extreme.

Jennifer Earl, founder of Chocolate Ecstasy Tours:

“Do you miss meat? And what about bacon? But what about protein? Just try a little!”

May Hunter, art instructor:

“But you can fish, right?”

Oifi Sheridan, Construction Appraiser:

“I wish people would stop saying, ‘Do you know that a vegan diet is really bad for you?

Tianna McCormick, Head of Clinical Laboratory:

“I wish people would stop telling me that we are scientifically obligated to eat meat. I am a scientist, believe me, we are fine without him.”

Janet Kearney, founder of the Vegan Pregnancy Parenting website:

“I wish people would just stop pointing at fruits that they are vegan. “Oh, you can eat this orange, it’s vegan!” Stop. Just stop.”

Andrea Short, nutritionist:

“Is it hard to be a vegan? So what do you eat?”

Sophie Sadler, Senior Executive Director:

“I want people to stop asking, ‘Are you going to start eating meat again when you get pregnant?’ It’s a bit inappropriate as I’m in my early 20s and single and have no plans to start a family yet.”

Karin Moistam:

“I am incredibly disappointed with parents who get upset when you talk about wanting to feed your kids plant foods. I’ve heard all sorts of things: that it’s “not nutritious enough”, that “you shouldn’t force your political beliefs on a child” because it’s “child abuse”. It’s especially ironic when it comes from parents who often take their kids to McDonald’s and KFC like it’s better than broccoli and beans.

Also, when you point out that the land we live on is literally dying due to the environmental impact of animal husbandry and meat eaters, someone replies, “I think it’s bad, but I can never turn down a steak, it’s too delicious.” Do you want a steak or a planet for your grandchildren to live on?”

Pavel Kyanja, head chef at Flat Three restaurant:

“Is your dog a vegan? I have chocolate, but you can’t have it. Is the seabass vegan?

Charlie Pallett:

“What do you eat then?” 3 million people in the UK are vegetarians and vegans, obviously we have something to eat. Just look at the name… VEGE-tarian (from “veggies” – “vegetables”).

“Damn, I couldn’t do that.” We really don’t care if you want to be vegetarian or not. We are vegetarians anyway, and you can eat whatever you like!

“I bet it’s temporary.” I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years and won’t go back, but thanks for your unsolicited feedback.

“Can’t you eat Haribo? Why? How boring! Yes. Shock. Haribo contains gelatin. If you want me to explain what it is, find out what vegetarianism is.

“Your diet must be very boring, eating the same thing all the time!” In fact, a vegetarian diet is quite delicious, and there are so many food and flavor combinations that can be created without meat. Believe me, there is more than one vegetable!

“I tried being a vegetarian once…” Vegetarians are used to the fact that most people “tried” to be vegetarian at some point.

“She won’t want to come, she’s a vegetarian.” Just because we’re vegetarian doesn’t mean we can’t eat out or visit local eateries or even fast food outlets. You will be surprised that most of the menus have options for vegetarians, and some establishments even offer a vegetarian menu. So don’t think that you can walk away from the invitation.”

Aimi, PR manager:

“Why are you a vegetarian? How do you survive? It must be so boring. You don’t eat meat? I bet your boyfriend is unhappy.”

Garrett, PR manager:

“Don’t you have a protein deficiency? You don’t like going to restaurants? What do you have there?

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