Start New 2016 With The Right Book!

1. Body Book by Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bark

This book is a real storehouse of knowledge about physiology, proper nutrition, sports and happiness for every woman.

If you have ever leafed through medical atlases or tried to understand the basics of proper nutrition, you know that, as a rule, such information is presented in boring and complex language, so that any motivation to move on is lost. “The Book of the Body” is written in a very accessible and interesting way, and from the first time we can understand what’s what. At the same time, all the necessary information about a) nutrition, b) sports and c) useful daily habits is hidden in it.

It motivates you to grab a yoga mat or put on your running shoes and start doing something for your amazing body. With knowledge of business and good mood!

2. “Happy tummy: a guide for women on how to always feel alive, light and balanced”, Nadia Andreeva

Bundled with the first book, “Happy Tummy” motivates you to take action, right here, right now. What we need if we do not want to transfer the list of our goals once again to the next year.

Nadya knows how to explain complex things in such a way that they become clear to every reader, she uses the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and her own experience. She talks in detail about what and how we should eat, but the most important thing this book teaches is to find a connection with your tummy and with the whole body as a whole, remember its boundless wisdom and make friends with it again. What for? To become happy and healthy, to love and accept your body as it is, to better understand and listen to it, to set the right goals for yourself and achieve them.

3. “Live vigorously”, Vyacheslav Smirnov

A very unexpected training book from a therapist, world champion in yoga sports and the founder of the training program – the School of Yoga and Health Systems Vyacheslav Smirnov. This book is not for those who are looking for clear instructions on how to train their body, or detailed nutrition programs.

This is a set of very interesting, simple, but effective practices. The book has its own pace – a chapter each day – which will help us stay on track, not abandon classes, and just think about what the author has to say. The practices proposed by Vyacheslav are not just a set of exercises. These are deep complexes that allow you to heal your body at all levels, as well as harmonize the body and our consciousness with each other. We may not fully understand their meaning, but the main thing is that they work.

4. Tal Ben-Shahar “What will you choose? Decisions on which your life depends

This book is literally saturated with life wisdom, not banal, but incredibly important. One that you want to re-read and remind yourself constantly, every day. One that touches the depths of the soul and makes you think about your choice: suppress pain and fear or give yourself permission to be human, suffer from boredom or see something new in the familiar, perceive mistakes as a disaster or as valuable feedback, pursue perfection or understand, when it’s already good enough, to delay pleasures or to seize the moment, to depend on the inconstancy of another’s assessment or to maintain independence, to live on autopilot or to make a conscious choice …

If you think about it, we make choices and decisions every minute of our lives. This book is about how the smallest decisions affect our lives and how to act in the best possible way that you currently have. This is definitely the book to start the New Year with.

5. Dan Waldschmidt “Be your best self” 

This book is about the path to success, about the fact that everyone can achieve whatever they want, in other words, “become the best version of themselves.” You have to put in extra effort, even when others stop. You must always go ahead and do more than you think is necessary. In general, the author throughout the book talks about four principles that unite people who have achieved success: willingness to take risks, generosity, discipline and emotional intelligence.

Going into the New Year with such a book is a real gift to yourself, because it is a solid motivation: you need to use every minute, not be afraid of anything, study continuously and not be afraid to ask questions, be open to new information, improve yourself all the time, because ” there are no days off and sick days on the road to success.”

6. Thomas Campbell “Chinese Research in Practice”

If you want to become a vegetarian/vegan but don’t know where to start. Start with this book. This is the most complete guide to action. China Study in Practice is the only one of all the Campbell family books that doesn’t leave you alone with your choice. This is exactly the practice: what to eat in a cafe, what to cook when there is no time, what vitamins and why you should not drink, are GMOs, fish, soy and gluten harmful. In addition, the book has a complete shopping list and simple recipes with ingredients that can really be found in any store.

This book is really motivating. After reading it, everyone will be able to eat healthier (I’m not saying “become a vegetarian”), but will significantly reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products, find a complete replacement for them, and make this transition, which is important, pleasant and tasty.

7. David Allen “How to bring deeds as a gift. The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

If you want to build your New Year’s planning system from the ground up (i.e. learn how to set goals, think through your next steps, etc.), this book will surely help you in this matter. If you already have a base, you will still find a lot of new things that will help you optimize your time and energy costs. The system proposed by the author is called Getting Things Done (GTD) – using it, you will have time for everything you want to do. To do this, you will have to follow several principles, which, however, you quickly get used to: concentrating on one task, using the “Inbox” for all ideas, thoughts and tasks, timely deleting unnecessary information, etc.


Happy New Year and wishes to make it so!

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