Sources of Calcium for Vegans

Calcium is an important element in the diet of a healthy person. It is needed for bone tissue, muscles, nerves, for stable blood pressure and in general for health. Most people today see a source of calcium in dairy products. What options are there for those who do not consume milk?

The recommended daily allowance for calcium is 800 mg to 1200 mg per day. One cup of milk contains 300 mg of calcium. Let’s compare this number with some other sources.

This is just a short list of plant sources of calcium. Looking at it, you can understand that the use of plant foods is quite capable of providing the necessary daily dose of calcium. But, the amount of calcium is not yet a guarantee of health. According to Yale University, which is based on an analysis of 34 studies conducted in 16 countries, people who consumed a lot of dairy products had the highest rates of osteoporosis. At the same time, South Africans with a daily calcium intake of 196 mg had fewer hip fractures. The scientists stressed that a sedentary lifestyle, a diet high in sugar and other aspects are also important for maintaining healthy bones and the whole body.

Simply put, the amount of calcium is not directly related to bone strength. This is just one of the steps. Drinking one glass of milk, the human body actually absorbs 32% of calcium, and half a glass of Chinese cabbage provides 70% of the absorbed calcium. 21% of calcium is absorbed from almonds, 17% from beans, 5% of spinach (due to the high level of oxalates).

It is important to take into account the fact that therefore, even eating the norm of calcium per day, you can feel its lack.

Bone health is more than just calcium intake. Minerals, vitamin D and physical activity are an important component. One of the important advantages of plant sources of calcium is the minerals and trace elements that go in the complex, such as manganese, boron, zinc, copper, strontium and magnesium. Without them, calcium absorption is limited.

  • Add beans and beans to chili or stew

  • Cook soups with cabbage and tofu

  • Garnish salads with broccoli, seaweed, almonds and sunflower seeds

  • Spread almond butter or hummus on whole grain bread

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