Six flavors. Nutrition advice

Healthy eating – a sign of high culture, self-respect. Everyone loves to eat deliciously, but the taste needs of the body depend on the mental state of a person, and not on expediency. According to human emotions, there are six tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, tart, astringent.

If all these tastes are present in a balanced state, then food gives health and happiness. If, depending on our shortcomings in behavior and character, we violate this harmony, then diseases come. Here are some examples of such dependence. Being in a state of laziness, a person wants sweet. From excess sugar in the body, defenses decrease, metabolism is disturbed, the functions of the liver, pancreas, small vessels, vision suffers. A lot of sweets are consumed by those who do not want to solve their problems. Experiencing grief, a person tends to eat bitter products (mustard, rye bread, coffee) As a result, chronic infections, diseases of the blood, and the skeletal system appear. Pessimistic, touchy person wants sour. Sour in excessive use harms the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, joints, disrupts the internal environment of the body. Fussy, stressed man wants oversalted food. Excessively salty is the enemy of the vessels of the whole organism, bronchi, kidneys, joints. Stubborn, assertive, unrestrained people love excessively tart. Such food leads to diseases of hormonal organs, bronchi, spine, joints, bones. Addicted to acute food is experienced by angry, overly temperamental people, resulting in inflammatory processes in the liver, pancreas, stomach, heart, and genitals. Need in fried food occurs with rudeness, fatigue, aversion to work. This leads to an overload of the vessels of the brain, liver, stomach, hormonal and immune functions are disturbed. Greedy people love unnecessarily greasy – this leads to diseases of metabolism, stomach, liver, skeletal system. People who are in constant mental stress, do not know how to be distracted from problems, prefer to tone up the body with tea, coffee, St. John’s wort, oregano. This is the main reason for smoking. The result of such habits is damage to the vessels of the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver. The function of the gonads decreases, the blood system suffers. Irritable, stubborn, greedy, fussy people love eat a lot, rush while eating – excess weight appears, blood pressure disorders, hormonal disorders, disorders in the spine, the body’s defenses decrease. With callousness, greed, a bad attitude towards people, cruelty, excessive attachment to things, there is a craving for meat Cruelty and straightforwardness creates a need for fish food. These products are defiled and contain the energy of murder, so since ancient times it has been believed that if a person eats meat and fish, then the power of death begins to increase in him. Hence pessimism, constant irritability, malignant tumors, accidents. In addition, these products require a lot of energy for digestion, as a result, all other body functions are weakened, including the natural desire for self-healing. Diseases become chronic. A person who is passionate about what he loves, who treats people kindly, is not prone to perversions of his taste qualities and, thereby, increases the opportunity to be healthy. Thus, indulging our negative character traits, we acquire taste disturbances, which, in turn, makes us eat meat, fish products, fried foods, tea, cocoa, coffee, and also excessively: sweet, sour, salty, tart, bitter, greasy, spicy. With improper nutrition, diseases develop. If we exclude these products from the diet, we will help ourselves get rid of many diseases and change our character for the better. Therefore, all listed types of products and excessive tastes are excluded from the diet for the duration of treatment. What remains? Dairy dishes, cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs – about one hundred and sixty items of products that are widespread in our area. You will take animal proteins from dairy food, and they are absorbed much better from kefir than from meat. This is how one third of humanity eats, including many in the West, in the USA. In financial terms, this food is about 20 – 30% cheaper. If you have hard physical work, do not be alarmed – weightlifters have long switched to milk formulas. Dietary nutrition is a great art, it will completely replace drugs for you. Every food is a medicine if it is used in accordance with the knowledge of the mechanism of action on the body, properly prepared and taken in the required quantity. Treatment with food will not give complications, since their action is habitual for the body. At the beginning of the course of treatment, exacerbations of chronic processes occur, so following a diet will help you quickly restore the normal functioning of your organs.

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