Signs of a lack of calories in the diet

Calorie deficiency is the basis for weight loss. And that’s the only good news. Otherwise, a lack of calories can cause many disorders in the body. How do you know if your diet is too small and you need to urgently add the amount of food?

Chronic fatigue

Calories from food are converted into energy, which is then used by a person during the day. If there is a constant lack of calories, then weakness, drowsiness and lethargy will naturally occur. Healthy fats (red fish, olive oil, avocados, seeds) should be added to the diet, which are converted into energy in the body and do not harm the figure.


Food breakdowns

Often, a lack of calories is a lean, monotonous diet. Not surprisingly, the body loses its composure at the sight of delicious food. Lack of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids pushes a person to food breakdowns. Any diet should be comfortable and varied. Only then will it bring the desired result and become a way of life, and not a temporary phenomenon.

A constant feeling of hunger

Usually, the feeling of hunger occurs at least 3 hours after eating. If earlier, then surely the diet lacks the necessary calories. Fractional meals will partly solve this problem – eat 5-6 times a day, but little by little.

Attacks of aggression

A low-calorie diet affects a person’s peace of mind. Irritability for any reason, unexpected aggression – all this can indicate that there are not enough calories. Avoiding sugar is a common cause of aggression, and low glucose levels negatively affect mental and physical activity. You can not completely remove sugar from the diet, you should only limit its amount to moderate doses.

Plateau effect

A plateau is a condition where weight stops losing weight despite a limited calorie intake. It is necessary to cut back on the diet again, which is fraught with serious violations. Sooner or later, the body gets used to living with a set dose of calories, but the lower their level goes down, the more undesirable the body is to part with those extra pounds. It is more effective to add physical activity and vice versa to raise the calorie intake.

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