Shambhala is an incredibly useful plant with a mystical name

10 reasons why you should buy Shambhala 1) Lowers blood cholesterol levels According to research, shamballa helps lower cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL). The steroidal saponins contained in this plant are able to form complex poorly soluble compounds with cholesterol, which prevent its absorption into the bloodstream and deposition in the walls of blood vessels. 2) Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease Shamballa seeds contain a large amount of galactomanan, a carbohydrate that plays an important role in the functioning of the heart, and potassium, which neutralizes the effect of sodium on the body, regulates blood pressure and ensures the normal functioning of the heart muscle. 3) Controls blood sugar levels Both seeds and leaves of shamballa are an excellent natural preparation for diabetics. Few plants can boast 15% galactomannan, a soluble fiber that slows down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the blood. Shamballa also contains amino acids responsible for the production of insulin in the body. 4) Helps with digestion Fiber and antioxidants contained in shamballa contribute to the removal of toxins from the body, which favorably affects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, shamballa tea relieves stomach pain and facilitates the process of digestion. With constipation, it is recommended to drink a decoction of Shambhala in the morning on an empty stomach. 5) Relieve heartburn Just one teaspoon of shamballa seeds can instantly relieve heartburn. Simply add the seeds to any vegetable dish after soaking them. The adhesive substance contained in the seeds envelops the walls of the stomach and intestines and relieves irritation in the tissues. 6) Promotes weight loss If you want to lose weight, chew some shamballa seeds in the morning on an empty stomach. They should be soaked first. The soluble fibers in the seeds will swell and fill your stomach, making you feel like eating for a long time. 7) Reduces fever and relieves sore throat Shambhala is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and expectorant. For colds, take one teaspoon of Shambhala seeds with honey and lemon. 8) Beneficial for women Even in ancient Egypt, shamballa leaves were used to facilitate childbirth. However, during pregnancy, women should not use Shamballa because of the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. An infusion of Shambhala seeds is very useful for nursing mothers: the diosgenin contained in the plant stimulates the production of breast milk. 9) Beneficial effect on the skin In Ayurveda, this marvelous plant is used as a remedy for the treatment of various skin diseases. A paste prepared from fenugreek seeds is applied to burns, boils, warts, ulcers and wounds – due to the high content of plant mucus and adhesives in the seeds, it soothes irritated and inflamed tissues well. Shambhala is also a folk remedy for facial skin care. A paste of fresh shamballa leaves applied to the face for 20 minutes prevents the appearance of blackheads, pimples and fine lines. Pour the Shambhala seeds with water, bring to a boil, and then cool slightly. Wash your face with this water – it will give radiance and elasticity to your skin.    10) Takes care of hair A paste of ground shamballa seeds, applied to the hair for a few minutes, will make them shiny and silky. A daily head massage using shambhala seeds boiled and then soaked overnight in coconut oil is an effective remedy for hair loss. Lakshmi

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