Properties and benefits of kunzite – happiness and health

Do you have difficulty relaxing? Do you often have nightmares? Do you suffer from headaches? Would you like to get rid of an addiction?

And would you like to become more attentive, more understanding?

Alors la kunzite, stone of peace and gentleness, is certainly made for you. Succumb to its romantic color and enjoy of its many benefits.

In this article, you will discover all the characteristics of this fairy stone, as well as the ways to use its incredible power!


Kunzite is a rare variety of spodumene that is part of the silicate family.

This stone usually has a pink color, the intensity of which varies according to its manganese composition. The more it contains, the more the color is accentuated.

The name “kunzite” is not generally recognized by scientists, who consider it only a shade of spodumene. (1)

Like other silicates (such as quartz), kunzite is heat sensitive.

Subjected to a very high temperature, it turns to a more intense color.

However, it can lose its color when exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

This gem has the particularity of being very fragile, and therefore difficult to cut.

The most massive deposits are found in the South-East of Brazil. The finer quality minerals are nevertheless found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Madagascar.


Properties and benefits of kunzite – happiness and health

The history of kunzite is relatively recent. This stone was discovered in 1902 by George Frederick Kunz, a famous American mineralogist.

It was during an extraction of quartz in California that a prospector, associate of the researcher, would have noticed this astonishing stone with pink reflections.

Called upon by its beauty, he would have first confused it with a tourmaline. (2)

He then allegedly sent it to the illustrious scientist, who, after analysis, confirmed that it was a spodumene of a still unknown hue.

A year later, in 1903, this variety of spodumene was named “kunzite” by Professor Charles Baskerville. Of course, this was a tribute to its discoverer.

Towards the middle of the XNUMXth century, we see this stone with its idyllic color appear on the stalls of jewelry stores. Its success is dazzling, and it quickly becomes fashionable in the Western world.

As a gem, kunzite is valued as much as an ornament as it is as an object of decoration. We are beginning to find many virtues in it, especially for children.

From the 1970s, lithotherapists paid particular attention to this stone and its incredible relaxing power. And from now on, you will understand why kunzite is so sought after in lithotherapy!

Emotional benefits

Help calm and relax

For decades, lithotherapists have considered kunzite to be a Zen stone par excellence. (3)

For good reason, this gem is directly linked to the heart chakra. It is therefore the perfect support against stress or nervousness.

It allows children and adults to relax and concentrate. With kunzite, you will learn to better control your emotions.

This stone is also very effective against depression and burnout. It helps to put things into perspective and take a step back.

Thanks to its relaxing effect, kunzite can be a good learning aid. It decreases attention disorders and calms apprehension. The fear of making a mistake then drops sharply. The same goes for stage fright before an exam.

Also, it may be beneficial to keep this stone close to you while driving. You will naturally develop a smoother ride. You will be more relaxed, and your reflexes will be increased.

 Calm sleep and ward off nightmares

The relaxing effects that kunzite gives us are inevitably reflected in the way we sleep.

Naturally, after having had a calm day, we fall asleep more easily and our sleep is better. However, bad dreams can also be due to the presence of negative energies. These are most often present in the room where you sleep.

And that’s when the kunzite comes in: its soothing waves will drive out the source of your nightmares. In addition, these same waves will act in a strongly beneficial way on the quality of your sleep. You will then have sweet dreams, which may even be lucid.

Finally, your nights will be more restful, and you will wake up in a better mood!

Make you feel tenderness and love

The pink color of kunzite calls for sweetness and romance. It is not without reason that this stone is affiliated with the heart.

It is a highly emotional stone, which will lead you to equip yourself with empathy and compassion.

It will lead you to better understand the reactions of others, and to love them for who they are. You will more easily read the eyes of your neighbor. Also, you will distinguish sincerity from deception, you will know how to find your true friends and your soul mate.

By choosing kunzite, stone of love, you will love a lot, passionately… madly!

Fight against addictions

Kunzite is known to be particularly useful against excess and addictions such as alcoholism and smoking. By acting on our heart chakra, it gives us the courage and strength to carry out our personal development.

You will find in this stone a precious ally to triumph over your demons. If you carry this mineral with you, you will more easily be able to regulate your desires and, gradually, to ignore them.

Obviously, we should not expect a miracle solution against addiction either. I advise you to associate your kunzite with a serious approach and especially with a real will. You might be blown away by the results!

Physical benefits

Combat stress-related problems

Properties and benefits of kunzite – happiness and health

While we think a lot about the source of our anxiety, we also tend to underestimate the ravages of stress on our health.

Stress mainly affects our digestive system, our skin and our heart.

Being a Zen stone, kunzite is ideal for achieving calm and serenity. It allows you to make peace with yourself and forget your problems.

She will impart her calming energy to you, and you will find the strength you need.

You will no longer be afraid of the next day, and you will always have the courage to face the small unforeseen events of everyday life.

The remarks will no longer hurt you, because you will regain your self-confidence. Then your health will be extremely grateful to you and it will pay you back.

No more lump in the stomach, loss of appetite and pain in the heart!

As a result, the risk of catching (serious) stress-related illnesses will decrease dramatically. In the same way, kunzitis can also contribute to the treatment of these diseases, in addition to medical monitoring.

Calm headaches

For several decades, kunzite has been used for the energy and calm it gives us. Often, migraines are directly related to blood pressure, fatigue or overwork.

This is part of the reason why this stone is interesting if you have frequent bar hits. But that’s not all ! Lithotherapists also claim that the zen power of kunzite soothes headaches and neck pain.

While wearing this gem, it is quite likely that the pain will subside quickly. It is considered that one should keep the kunzite on oneself for a whole day, and close to oneself all night. After that, your pain should be greatly reduced.

However, remember that if the headaches become chronic, it is important to be monitored by your doctor.

Purify and charge your kunzite


Kunzite being a soft and serene stone, it absorbs very little the bad waves around it. As a result, you will only have to purify it 2 to 3 times a year… and that’s good! (4)

On the other hand, it is important to do this at the time of purchase, because a newly acquired stone is never neutral.

This is why we are going to explain to you how to empty it of all harmful energy, but also how to condition it to help you.

⦁ First, place it against your forehead, close your eyes and clear your mind. Once you are in a state of tranquility, think very hard about the goals you would like to achieve with your kunzite. Take all your time to reprogram it as well as possible.

⦁ Then, soak your kunzite in a glass of demineralized water, preferably by adding a little salt. Let sit for an hour if you have a stone in its natural state, and only for ten minutes if it is a polished stone (or a piece of jewelry).

⦁ Finally, I suggest you wash the stone in tap water to remove all traces of salt. Once done, don’t forget to dry your kunzite well with a towel.

Now that you’ve become one with your kunzite, it’s time to take the next step: reloading.


You should know that unlike purification, the charge of your stone should be done, preferably, once every 2 weeks.

If your stone is discharged, its effects will be reduced. But above all, in the long run, it could lose its potency. Although it is not an emergency, it is better to be serious and regular with this step. This will guarantee you optimal results.

The best way to recharge your kunzite is to expose it to moonlight overnight. Even better if you have a quartz cluster or geode.

By placing your stone on the cluster or inside the geode, the reloading will be even more efficient. I strongly advise against leaving your stone in the sun, because as we were talking about earlier, kunzite is sensitive to heat. It would risk tarnishing itself. (5)

All you have to do is enjoy the countless benefits of your kunzite, and you will learn how to do it!

How to use it ?

Properties and benefits of kunzite – happiness and health

Kunzite is a particularly interesting stone to keep close to you at all times.

This is the reason why opting for a jewel or a polished stone would be a great idea.

In this way, you will be able to transport your stone everywhere… and its power with it! To take advantage of all the benefits offered by kunzite, I advise you to choose it as a pendant or a medallion.

Given its proximity to your heart, it will easily act on your chakra.

If you prefer to keep it in your pocket, in your bag or even as a bracelet, it is absolutely possible. Just remember to place it on your heart from time to time, to better feel its protective effects.

Do not hesitate to take your kunzite in your hand when you feel the need, especially in case of stress or difficulties. By doing this, you will open your mind to its beneficial energy, and you will feel invigorated.

Clamping the stone in your hand or against your heart can also help you cope with a lack. If you are fighting an addiction, this gesture should give you immediate relief and help you get back on your feet!

What combinations with other stones?

The most suitable association is certainly made with hiddenite, also called “green kunzite”. (6)

Indeed, this stone is, like kunzite, a variety of spodumene and it has complementary properties. It is also linked to the heart and it helps to develop self-confidence. It too is a Zen stone, which has a powerful anti-stress effect.

This mineral helps us to be more humble and less nervous, because we no longer doubt our abilities. If you don’t think you’re always easy going, then this combination should be a perfect fit for you.

Finally, hiddenite relieves pain in the shoulders, back and joints. It is the stone of letting go, on all levels. By uniting the forces of these two sisters, you are guaranteed a result that meets your expectations… and much more!


So, will you be tempted by kunzite and its extraordinary virtues? It is good to remember that despite its proven effectiveness, lithotherapy should only be a supplement to a treatment.

On the other hand, the kunzite will be the companion you need to overcome your difficulties!

Do not hesitate to visit our other articles on lithotherapy and to consult our sources for more information.

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